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Bojack Horseman is more man than horse in his finale

Bojack Horseman may begin as a show about someone who is “more horse than a man,” but by the end of the series you learn that Bojack is “more man than a horse.” Bojack Horseman is a show about emotional and personal growth. By the end of the six seasons, you’ll have seen the dark side of show business, existentialism and the variation of how everyone deals with their mental health. 

The show is also about how friendships grow and end. From the beginning to the very end of the series, the most important thing you come to learn is that not a single person in this show is perfect: instead, they are imperfect and relatable, and that’s what makes them special. We have all gone through something that each of these characters has experienced, whether it be a breakup, reconnecting with our past, or even trying to make up for our mistakes and failing miserably. What makes this show so excellent is that as the series itself goes on it becomes more and more difficult to watch, and yet it compels you to watch it through the use of excellent dialogue and psychedelic animation when we get deeper into a character’s mental health. And just when you think that some characters have finally reached their peak, life hits them hard and they come crashing down.

While this show does have its dismal moments, there are moments that are hilarious. In one episode, the show calls out Netflix for its autoplay feature, as it doesn’t let the viewer see those who put so much work and heart into the show. The show also has a phenomenal soundtrack and an opening sequence worth paying attention to, as it shows the viewer where Bojack is personally each season while also hinting at what’s to come later on. My final recommendation is that you watch the final episodes with a loved one, because you may want a hug after all is said and done. After all “there is no other side. This is it.” But, when the show is over and you are feeling down, just remember not to “hold your head so low that you can’t see the sky.” After all, it’s never about where we start, but instead about where we end up and the people we meet and impact along the way. 

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