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Who the Buc is Olivia Nasatir?

The Round Table sat down with senior lacrosse player, Olivia Nasatir’20 to talk about sports and The Bachelor.

The Round Table: How many years have you played lacrosse?

Olivia Nasatir: I started my freshman year of high school, so seven and a half.

RT: What position do you play?

ON: It’s unclear. Sometimes I play midfield, sometimes attack, and occasionally defense.

RT: Do you have a favorite?

ON: If I’m in the mood, midfield because I get to do it all. But frequently I’m lazy.

RT: What’s your favorite memory with the team?

ON: Every time we win a game we play Sweet Caroline. But recently we realized there are some problems around the song. Was Neil Diamond a pedophile? We don’t know. So we have to change our song. But my best memories are of us screaming at the top of our lungs on the bus to Sweet Caroline.

RT: How’s your preseason going?

ON: Preseason hurts me both physically and emotionally. We have a new coach. I think we’ll be good and see success in our future.

RT: What’s your sign?

ON: I’m a Leo. I’m a hard Leo.

RT: Are you better at handling the ball or handling emotions?

ON: They’re pretty even. You’re hitting me where it hurts. I’m a little weak in both areas. There’s always room for improvement.

RT: Which Bachelor contestant are you most like on the field?

ON: On the field I think I’m Maddie. I’m just there, I’m not stirring the pot. Occasionally I’ll do something cool, but most of the time it’s just very mediocre and very average. But in life I think that I’m Hannah Ann because that’s what Buzzfeed told me. Take no prisoners. If you know, you know.

RT: What song pumps you up for a game?

ON: I rotate through quite a few. Recently my request for the lacrosse playlist was 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton. It just gets me going.

RT: Do you have any superstitions when you play?

ON: Lacrosse pinnies have a white and yellow side. I always start with the white side out because white is always defense and I don’t want to start on attack.

RT: Lacrosse checks or bank checks?

ON: Money. Bank checks. Forever and always.

RT: Have you ever choked on your mouthguard?

ON: Frequently.

RT: What’s your favorite Disney channel original movie?

ON: Motocrossed. Everyone should go home and watch Motocrossed. It’s like a hot take on Mulan, actually. The girl pretends to be her brother in a motocross race and dominates. There’s a little bit of romantic interest in it. It’s pretty cute. Would recommend.

RT: Lax bros or OEC bois?

ON: OEC boys five sure. The outdoorsy ones. Maybe throw in a ‘stache too and a camper. Would live in a van.

RT: What’s your dream after graduation?

ON: I go on The Bachelor, become famous, and find sponsorships to live in a van and travel.

RT: Any words for the fans?

ON: Listen to your daily Co-Star, it helps.

Come support Olivia this lacrosse season- especially if you’re in OEC. 

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