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How to Create a Fun Sleepover in College

TGIF! Your Facebook Messenger is buzzing with all sorts of weekend plans from your friends. Drinking is fun, but you have done that many times and there were always a few people blacking out. Going out is overrated if you and your friends don’t own a car. No good parties this weekend. Uhm.. Netflix, again? The conversation comes to a quick silence when you say “How about a sleepover?” What follows is a series of emojis, reactions, and exclamations, all of which support and even praise you for that wonderful idea. Now that the idea is out of the way, the harder part is execution. Follow through for 5 tips to make the most out of a college sleepover. 

  1. Find a GOOD space 

Whether it’s for a group of three friends or a larger bunch of seven people, make sure there is enough space for everyone. Plus, it’s a sleepover after all, so a warm and cozy space is of the utmost importance. Priorities are for those living in special interest houses or apartments, as they have better furniture and there’s more of a homey feel to it. But, do not overlook a big enough single room, especially for your smaller friend group. Lastly, check the heating level of the room before choosing the place unless you want to wake up frozen. 

  1. Lighting

A room with broken lighting is out of the question. A room too well-lit must be compensated with fairy lights. A perfect room, in my opinion, is a room that has a string of fairy lights that spans almost half of the room, and the other lighting source is the overhead light — which can be turned off easily. 

  1. Keep the fun going 

Remember the pajama party you probably had when you were in middle school? It was fun, right? You can certainly repeat what you often do with friends, but this opportunity is a rare chance for all of you to sleep together (platonically, perhaps) so spice it up. Bring snacks, play some board or card games. When all of you start getting drowsy, lie down and it’s bed story time! Is there anything you have been dying to tell your friends? Is there any gossip at school you really want to talk about, like who’s dating this girl you used to have a crush on (sorry)? Spill the tea, and let the conversation take its course. 

  1. Let’s play music 

A great night cannot happen without music. I recommend upbeat songs because the last thing you want to do at a sleepover is to sleep. Find songs that you and your friends can sing along to, which will make for a great group activity as well. 

  1. Be flexible 

Don’t stress too much that the night will not turn out the way you imagined. It’s a good time to be with your friends, so just see what everyone feels up to. The worst case is that you all fall asleep too early, but then again, when was the last time you had a proper eight-hour sleep? Most important of all: have fun, have fun, and have more fun.

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