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Daily Archives: February 11, 2020

How to Create a Fun Sleepover in College

TGIF! Your Facebook Messenger is buzzing with all sorts of weekend plans from your friends. Drinking is fun, but you have done that many times and there were always a few people blacking out. Going out is overrated if you and your friends don’t own

Who the Buc is Olivia Nasatir?

The Round Table sat down with senior lacrosse player, Olivia Nasatir’20 to talk about sports and The Bachelor. The Round Table: How many years have you played lacrosse? Olivia Nasatir: I started my freshman year of high school, so seven and a half. RT: What

Help your fellow Beloiters, please

There are few guarantees at Beloit College. Life is undoubtedly volatile, schedules are not set tightly the way they might be in life after college. This leads to less predictable sleep, moods, focus, and can put a strain on our relationships. As college students, we

Artist Profile: Tony Renezema ’21

This week The Round Table sat down with Tony Renezema’21 to chat about his show at Gallery ABBA. Round Table: Can you tell The Round Table a little about yourself? Tony Renzema: My name is Tony Renzema, I’m a music and media studies major with

Ten Tips for Thrifting Newbs

What is thrifting, you may ask? Well, let me be the first to tell you that thrifting is the unique art of shopping at a thrift store. While this task can be fun and extremely rewarding, it can also be quite the challenge, so here