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How it feel to watch Kobe’s last games

“I think he might score fifty.” Those were words that everyone was saying during Kobe Bryant’s final game for the Los Angeles Lakers. He had forty-five points by the 4:38 mark in the fourth quarter. However, the Lakers are down by well over ten points to the Utah Jazz and Kobe was 0-5 during the first quarter and was having issues with consistency during the game. Then in the final three minutes, the game changed and Kobe would go on to score sixty points in his final game. In those final minutes Kobe would go on to hit fade-aways one after the other and throughout the game, he would pass the ball to his teammates that would lead to beautiful dunks. The game itself wasn’t perfect and that’s what made it such a wonderful spectacle. For the second time on January 27th, 2020 fans got to see Kobe work hard and live up to his nickname “The Black Mamba” one last time.

It was bittersweet watching Kobe’s last game and it’s even more difficult after his death due to a helicopter crash that claimed not only his life but also his daughters and several other victims on January 26th, 2020. Watching this final game was similar to going back in time to 2016. The broadcast itself was a simple replay but for many viewers, it was something more. You could also describe the game was something similar to reading the last chapter in your favorite book or watching the final scene in your favorite performance on stage or on film. And what a way to end the broadcast where fans heard “Mamba out” for one last time from one of the best players ever to touch a basketball. 

The sad part about all of this is that we will continue to learn more and more about Kobe’s death in the weeks and maybe even months to come. We will continue to see people write a post about how Kobe has impacted their lives and we will continue to see current NBA players come to terms with this passing and even at the time of this article many players have already changed their numbers and even the Dallas Mavericks have retired No.24 in honor of Kobe Bryant. 

 Patrick Azar class of 2020 had an interesting quote in regards to not only watching the final game but also on Bryant’s influence “I don’t think there’s a single game that better shows how tenacious Kobe was as a player. You could visibly see his frustration even after he dropped 40 because he knew he was capable of much more. It’s that Mamba mentality that he was famous for, which not only changed the game of Basketball, but inspired competitors of all sports worldwide. Watching that game again was bittersweet. It was a great representation of Kobe’s unique style and mentality but the camera shots of Gigi and his family was heartbreaking. Not only did we lose an influential competitor, but also someone who had the potential to become great in her own right”.

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