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Touchdown in Ad Land: Another Year, Another Super Bowl Commercial

Ever since I downloaded the ad blocker Chrome extension, I’ve forgotten what it’s like to watch a commercial. However, I was recently reminded while watching the Super Bowl. Here’s a breakdown of some of the advertisements that were flashy enough to prevent me from getting up for snacks during the breaks.

  1. The Doritos Cool Ranch commercial: Lil Nas X and Sam Elliott dramatically approach each other on horseback for a showdown over a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos in an old-timey town. Sam Elliott does a wave with his mustache, Old Town Road starts playing, and a dance battle commences. It’s dusty and it’s sexy.

2. The Rocket Mortgage’s Jason Mamoa commercial: Jason Mamoa (aka Khal Drogo) drives his way through a crowd of paparazzi and makes it into his home where he can finally relax. He gets comfortable by taking off his shoes, his muscles, and eventually a wig, revealing himself as a balding, scrawny man. This was really freaky and slightly disturbing to watch, but it kept my attention for sure.

3. The Cheetos popcorn commercial: In this commercial, a man discovers the power that comes along with eating Cheetos: He can’t touch anything with the orange dust on his fingers and uses it as an excuse to get out of helping people. The concept is funny, but the main appeal of the ad was MC Hammer repeatedly popping out of random locations saying, “Can’t touch this.” The music made the content.

4. The Bud Light Seltzer commercial: As Post Malone stops at a convenience store, his personified brain cells with matching face tattoos argue over whether he wants a Bud Light or a hard seltzer. As they change his mind back and forth, Post Malone is thrown all over the store, knocking everything over. They ultimately decide on both, hence the Bud Light Seltzer. It was mostly just fun to watch Post Malone get thrown around.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the flashiest Super Bowl commercials this year:

  • Oprah and the rock weight watchers 
  • Top gun maverick
  • Omg, it’s a woman! Playing football!! And everyone’s… ok with it?  (Secret)
  • McDonald’s as people’s orders
  • Dracula as ketchup packets, pretty clever
  • Live-action Mulan
  • Jake from State Farm- classic one they took it one more step
  • Oooowweee old man at park kid running by all the running backs through each city intro into Super Bowl 100 years
  • Fast and furious
  • Quibi bank robbery
  • Bud light night with always sunny guy charlie kept popping into other commercials – tide and masked singer
  • Is criminal justice reform by Trump getting people out of prison?
  • Walmart pickup bill and ted? Men in Black, Arrival, Star Wars
  • Jason Mamoa take off muscles at home bc so comfy – Rocket Mortgage
  • Snickers hole “this is dramatic” “Fix the World”
  • Mountain Dew as the Shining 
  • Winona Squarespace
  • Types of love -New York Life
  • Boston accents David Ortiz, Smart Parking
  • Cheetos popcorn can’t touch this
  • “Make space for Women”
  • Rick and Morty Pringles
  • Leg dance for TurboTax app
  • Young luxury Chrissie Teigen Genesis- kinda dumb
  • Hummus
  • Sad google
  • Poptart pretzel
  • Morgan Freeman wheelsbyRT: Anything with his voice will sell
  • Pepsi vs coke paint it black
  • Bud light Selzter- controlling dude knocking things over
  • Little Ceasars- ostrich coming thru office?
  • Doritos with Lil Nas (cool ranch dance)
  • Reeses take 5 (taking things literally in the office)
  • Alexa commercial- go through the history
  • Corey Jones, criminal justice reform- Inspire Change
  • I’ve got room – highlander

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