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Daily Archives: February 4, 2020

Key Card Issues First Week Back on Campus

As some Round Table readers may already have experienced, certain building access key cards have been subject to occasional malfunctioning since the beginning of the semester. Although at first this inconvenience may have seemed like a ruthless curse from the gods and spirits, Ryan Schamp,

Australia is on Fire

This winter break the island continent of Australia has faced perhaps its worst year in modern memory regarding wildfires. What started off as an early start to wildfire season quickly became a global disaster with unprecedented destruction. According to Create Digital, an Australian news source,

Beloit College Celebrates 174th Birthday

Beloit College honored its 174th birthday with a celebration in the atrium of the Sanger Center for the Sciences on Wednesday, Jan. 29, from noon to 2 p.m. Over 300 students, faculty, and staff filled the first and second floors of the Science Center for

Powerhouse to Open This Week

The Powerhouse is finally powering up. After clearing some of the final hurdles, Beloit College’s $38 million project is finally due to open its doors for regular hours next Monday, Feb. 10. This comes as the latest in a series of final deadlines that Beloit

Artist Profile: Logan Clark ’22

This week Round Table sat down with Logan Clark ’22 to discuss art, photography and where he finds his inspiration. Clark currently has a show on display at Gallery ABBA in downtown Beloit entitled Cloud Jumper. RT: Logan, Where are you from? Logan: I’m from

Chinese Club Hosts Lunar New Year Celebration

During the first week back on campus, beginning on Jan. 20, Beloiters discovered and rediscovered their friends, roommates, professors, classes and rhythms of college life. For many students, coming back from winter break marked somewhat of a conclusion to the long month of festivities. However,

OCD: Not A Trendy Term

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is not “trendy.” It is not a “cute quirk” and it is not something that should be used to describe common organizational preferences. OCD is not just normal worrying or mild anxiety. The trendy use of the term OCD, and using the

What Exactly is the Left Alliance?

An Anarcho-communist-socialist. Is it even possible for such a political animal to exist? According to the Left Alliance, the new student group on campus, the answer is yes. The group says it welcomes all members of left-leaning ideologies in the hopes of creating a united