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The Great Flood of September 2019

On Wednesday, September 11, 2019, the city of Beloit had experienced torrential rain that knocked power out in different neighborhoods and at Beloit College caused major flooding across the residential side of campus. The flooding included places like Alrich, the Fieldhouse, The Wall, the front of the Science Center and many of the basements of the dorms on College Street. The rain started around 9:00 pm on that Wednesday and flooding immediately started afterward around campus. The corner of College Street in front of the Wall had practically turned into a pond, engulfing cars into the murky water, many of the students attempted to push their cars out of harm’s way into the dry land. 

Alrich and the fieldhouse were arguably hit the worst with the whole first-floor of Alrich being submerged in about a foot of water, leaving many of the students displaced of their dorms for the rest of the night with many of the second-floor residents opening up their doors. One student commented that he “had about three of his friends spending the night in his place” due the sudden displacement. The fieldhouse at the Sports Center was covered with water reaching up to about six feet in some areas. Many of the jumping mats and the sandpits were ruined. 

Kerry Satterwhite, Director of Facilities , when asked about doing any possible renovations for any of the buildings that were affected by the flooding said “No, I think it’s a once every ten-year occurrence where you get a storm like that.” He continued to say that there is “adequate drainage in those places” and that the flooding was caused because of debris clogged the drainage pipes due to the heavy rain.   

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