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Daily Archives: March 27, 2019

The reality of the “campus free speech debate”

One of the hottest talking points of recent years is the “free speech crisis” purportedly sweeping college campuses nationwide. Conservative activists claim that universities are indoctrinating students into liberal thought, that professors direct students towards a dismissal of conservative ideas and that higher education is

Fallout of the admissions scandal at selective institutions

Last week the country reeled after the revelation of what the Justice Department calls “its largest college admissions prosecution.” 50 individuals have been charged for participating in a scheme to rig the admissions processes of highly selective institutions. At the heart of the scandal is

State approves nearly $1 million grant for Powerhouse riverwalk

The Wisconsin Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee approved a grant worth nearly $1 million in late February for a Riverwalk development for a further addition to Beloit College’s Powerhouse project. The committee approved a Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources request to fund part of the project,

Weissberg Chair Simon delivers lecture on freedom of the press

Beginning in 1999 The Weissberg Program has allowed students and community alike to engage in thoughtfully addressing global problems. This is done as Beloit College invites a leading figure in human rights for a week-long residency as Weissberg Chair. This individual speaks on and off