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Beloit experiences second Wind Chill Advisory

As another cold front makes its way through the Midwest, Beloit experienced another Wind Chill Advisory this past weekend.

“Another bitter cold front will produce wind chills between Sunday night and Monday morning of around -25 degrees,” Bruce Heine, Beloit College’s Director of Safety and Security, said in an email to the campus community on Sunday afternoon. “While the college will stay open and classes will continue as planned, we ask you to please protect yourselves by not going outside without covering exposed skin such as hands, cheeks and forehead.”

While still potentially dangerous, the temperatures experienced over the weekend paled in comparison to the Polar Vortex that enveloped the Midwest from late January into early February. Beloit experienced severe wind chills that brought temperatures as low as between -40 and -50 during the Polar Vortex. This led to the college’s first closure due to freezing temperatures in over 25 years, according to Beloit College Archivist Fred Burwell.

The college officially closed its doors for the entirety of Wednesday, Jan. 30, and Thursday, Jan. 31 due to the conditions. This included all offices on campus as well as the Sports Center, Library and eateries DK’s and Java Joint. Several on-campus establishments closed their doors in the evening of Tuesday, Jan. 29 as temperatures began to plummet.

“Students, faculty, and staff are advised to avoid travel, stay inside, and not venture out into the extreme temperatures,” Beloit College President Scott Bierman said in an email to the campus community in advance of the school’s closure. “Anyone who goes outside should wear multiple layers of clothing and cover all skin.”

The college will remain open and classes will proceed as usual this time around, but students should still exercise caution and pay attention to how much time they spend outside.

“Please pay attention to each other and assist others as needed,” Heine said on Sunday. “Contact the Health & Wellness Center or Security if you believe you, or someone else, may have suffered frostbite.”

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