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Young Americans for Freedom promotes spring 2019 speakers on campus

Young Americans for Freedom is belatedly kicking off the spring semester after a highly successful fall speakers’ series. On our invitation, former US attorney general John Ashcroft came to Beloit, whereupon he was greeted by a sizeable and enthusiastic crowd. A short time later, legal scholar and political philosopher Peter Berkowitz delivered a cogent defense of freedom of speech, due process and the way to preserve both on college campuses. Capping off the semester was Andrew Klavan, a fiction author and screenwriter currently working at the Daily Wire. Klavan’s address concerned the cultural changes in the United States.

This semester we have two additional speakers: Erik Prince and Heather Mac Donald.

Erik Prince is best known as the founder of Blackwater, a private military contractor (PMC) which closely assisted the US government in prosecuting the War on Terror and guarding State Department personnel. Blackwater and other PMCs provide services and expertise that the US military is unable to supply, particularly in complex and dangerous situations. Blackwater can boast of a successful history: not one person under their protection has been killed and Blackwater employees have only discharged their weapons in less than one percent of all missions.

After selling Blackwater in 2010, Prince moved on to other business ventures in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and North America in the fields of logistics, aviation services, manufacturing, natural resources development and energy.

Students with an interest in international politics, area studies, war studies, entrepreneurship, humanitarianism, or sustainability should be glad to hear Prince speak on Wednesday, March 27, 2019 at 7:30 PM in Moore Lounge.

Lastly, we have Heather Mac Donald of the Manhattan Institute coming on April 30, 2019 to deliver an address at 4:30 PM in Moore Lounge. Mac Donald is a distinguished author and the recipient of numerous accolades for her work on higher education and criminal justice among other things.

Both of these individuals have accomplished much in their careers and more awaits them. Their time on campus typically includes more than just the main speech, leaving room for students to interact with them under less formal circumstances.

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