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Senior Shows dance performances return to close year

On April 20 and 21, the annual Senior Shows Dance Performance took place in Dance Studio 1 at the Hendricks Center for the Arts. Each year, the graduating senior dancers put together this show, showcasing their talents, as well as those of the next generation of dancers. Elena Cusack’18 and Zoë Koenig’18 organized this year’s performance featuring eleven student-choreographed pieces, as well as a piece by faculty member Chris Johnson for the seniors. 

This year, a theme of comedy seemed to run through the selected pieces. Apart from the choices of upbeat and fun music selections, the pieces themselves often contained humor in the form of dancing with a partner who is supposed to be a mannequin, students taking over dance rehearsals and the notion of the audience being thrust into the rehearsals themselves. Many of the pieces also conveyed some sense of love: the type of love that can be found among friends as well as that found between romantic partners. The continuity of these themes throughout the evening made for a nicely cohesive night, ultimately ending with bleachers packed with audience members leaving the Hendricks Center feeling jovial and ready to kick off their weekend with more fun activities.

This year, audience members were delighted to see that the dances displayed a greater variety of talents and dance styles than in previous years. The night opened with a hip-hop piece titled “Hungry” performed by Lydia Sancetta’19 and Kellyn Tippins’21. A piece choreographed by Gabe Gonzalez’20 and Aliza Tresser’18 followed and displayed a little bit combination of styles while exploring a comedic theme. Roughly half way through the program, “No Water,” a tap dance piece took the stage and was accompanied by the song Water Fountain by tUnE-yArDs. This piece was genuinely a lot of fun and brought a lot of energy into the room. After the performance, I learned that some of the dancers in “No Water” had been taping for close to a decade while others had learned specifically for this piece, proof that if you would like to get involved in theater or dance, just ask and attend auditions.

“Orbit,” performed by Yanna Fritz’20 and Hernan Santacruz’19 and choreographed with the help of Adrian Tomby’20, was a beautiful and intimate dance that echoed the beginning of a relationship, when individuals are still trying to figure out the other person until their blindfolds are removed.

As stated above, one of the dances, featuring Adrian Tomby’20, Derrick Dudley’19 and Ari Kost’20, mimicked a shop worker who dances with what appears to be a mannequin that comes alive. This performance was definitely one to enjoy as it contained section of dance incorporating the robot, twerking and other modern movements. The dance was accompanied by “Mr. Sandman” by Cofresi and seemed to fit perfectly as it allowed the dancers to incorporate just really fun and entertaining dances movements up until the point Kost’s character tells the shop worker to stop messing around. 

Overall, this years’ Senior Shows performance were beautiful, fun and well worth the trip to the Hendricks Center. It will be interesting to see what next year’s performances will be like, as the dance department seems to continually gain strength throughout the years.

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