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Sophomore slinger Danny Belling named MWC pitcher of the week


The Round Table sat down with Danny Belling‘20 after he was given the title of Midwest Conference Pitcher of the Week. Belling and the rest of the Buccaneer squad headed west toward Chicago on April 2 to play the University of Chicago Maroons. Belling held the Maroons to only two hits and one run, which is quite the feat considering the Maroons averaged 12 runs a game to other competitors in the Midwest Conference. 

Photo courtesy of Danny Belling.

RT: Well, first of all congrats on being named MWC pitcher of the week. That’s very exciting!

DB: Oh, thank you.

RT: How many other games have you pitched in this year?

DB: I’ve pitched in five games. In another game recently I threw a complete game shutout.

RT: That’s awesome! I wonder why you didn’t get pitcher of the week then?

DB: We were all wondering that too.

RT: What the pitching rotation like?

DB: Right now it’s me on the first day, Dave Harrison’19 on the second,Mike Weeden’19, and Jamie Huntley’18 on the fourth. So we have a four game series then we’ll just rotate through those four.

RT: What do you do on days you don’t pitch?

DB: Just get a workout in. Run, workout, hangout. Be a teammate.

RT: So you’re a starter here? Have you ever done relief?

DB: Yeah in highschool I had. Starting role is kind of new to me.

RT: How long have you been playing baseball?

DB: Since I was like five and I’ve probably been pitching for nine years.

RT: Do you play any other positions?

DB:Yeah, I’ve played other positions in high school. I was a second baseman and third. When I was a freshman [in college] I turned into a pitcher only.

RT:  Beloit baseball is a pretty well established team. How did you hear about the program?

DB: I was at Southeast Missouri, but then I wanted to focus on academics and actually focus on something I was interested in, and I wasn’t doing that at Southeast Missouri. The year I was looking for a new team and looking to move, Beloit College won the conference title so I knew the guys were serious. I knew the catcher, Jeremy Dutton’18. I played travel baseball with him when I was a kid, so I already had that connection. So yeah things just kind of fell into place with that one.

RT: So you transferred in? How did that work out playing wise?

DB: I transferred into Beloit in spring 2017.

RT: What’s your major and what do you want to do with that?

DB: Anthropology. I want to go into museum studies.

RT: What are your other goals for the season? You’ve already received pitcher of the week, what’s next?

DB: Just the team goal is to win conference. Just do as well as we can in conference. Right now we have a really strong team, so I think we’re a lot more developed from last year. We have a lot more depth. We have a lot of players that can play on our bench, which is great. Guys step up when we need them to. This weekend will be our toughest series of the season, St. Norbert. They’re the ones we’re worried about. If we can win two we’ll be fine for the rest of the year.

RT: Then you normally do double headers?

DB: Yeah, we’ll do a double headed Friday and Saturday.This week was messed up with the weather. So we’ll do a game Friday in Galesburg and a double header Saturday and Tuesday at Beloit.

RT: How are you able to practice outside in this weather?

DB: We prepare  in the Flood Arena and just get ready for the games for weekend we have. It will be a missed season by the end but we’ll get them all in.

RT: So is it just St. Norberts you’re worried about this season?

DB: In the conference there are two division, and the top two teams from each division make the conference tournament. So last year it was us and St. Norbert is in our divisions. We ended up sweeping Ripon so we’re not too worried, I mean we are but Norberts is the big one.

RT: That’s kind of all the questions I have for you but congrats on Pitcher of the Week and good luck with the rest of your season!

DB: Thank you!

Belling and the Buccaneers will play again at home against St. Norbert on Tuesday, April 17 at 1:00 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. Be sure to check them out!

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