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Thoughts about the Parody Issue

Last week, Beloit College’s newspaper, the Round Table, published its annual parody edition in observance of the unofficial April Fools holiday. Stories ranged from John Winkelmann trying to find a roommate, to sack lunches being unpacked by a CRIS major. These stories were fun, and the Round Table staff surely enjoyed writing them.

One reason why the Round Table does this parody issue is to have some fun. Every Monday night at 9:15 p.m., all the editors, staff writers and contributors come together in the dining room of DK’s to go over who will be writing what stories and to suggest any other stories that anyone wants to write. Sometimes the featured stories are uplifting, and sometimes the stories are depressing. No matter the the subject matter, the news is the news and the news needs to be reported. On top of changes of emotion in stories, the Round Table is an extracurricular activity, and people have to be committed to the job. When a professor decides to dump a whole semester’s worth of reading into two weeks, students still need to produce articles and finish academic work. The stress of emotional articles and the stress of school work can take its toll on writers. The parody edition of the Round table allows writers to destress before final exams start to roll around. 

An additional benefit of the Round Table is that it allows students to vent about things that they do not like, whether it be nationally or locally. Beloit College is a mixed experience, some students love Beloit College, while some absolutely hate it. This lighthearted issue of the Round Table allows students to vent their feelings without fear of retribution from their peers, as everyone knows the articles that are written in this edition are purely fictional.

While the parody edition of the Round Table is fun and enjoyable for most people, writers should be careful. Not everyone has had the same advantages growing up. Some people have more significant advantages than others. Writers should be careful with content they publish, as even though it is a purely fictional edition, some articles can still be fictional but highly offensive to disadvantaged groups. For example, making fun of a CRIS major is not acceptable as people have the right to their own beliefs. Making fun of the disadvantaged has no place at Beloit College, or even society as a whole, no matter the situation.  

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