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Beloit College Admissions hosts their February Admitted Student Open House

From February 18-19, Beloit College hosted the first Admitted Student Open House (ASOH) of 2018. The event which hosted high school students from around the country, was the largest admitted student open house in February that Beloit College has ever had.

This was promising for both faculty and admissions staff, as it predicts a large amount of students at the next ASOH on March 25-26 and the final ASOH on April 15-16.

“I thought ASOH went really great,” said Head Tour Guide Coordinator Olivia Rockwood’18. “It seemed like all the prospective students and families enjoyed it and were welcomed in true Beloit fashion.” 

While experiencing Beloit, these admitted students had the option to partake in various activities around campus. Many started off with campus tour and were able to see places like Neese Theater, World Affairs Center, the Science Center, and a showroom in Aldrich.

Many of the admitted students brought their parents, and Admissions also accommodated for them as well. Many families went on tours and went to Commons with lunch hosts. After a day of tours, lunches and info sessions on Sunday, all of the students went to an academic and club fair at the Science Center at 4:00 p.m. Every major and minor was represented on the ground floor and students were able to talk to professors from all disciplines. Bon Appetit provided a coffee and gourmet hot chocolate bar.

Upstairs, many student organizations, greek life and varsity athletics had set up tables. Coaches were there to field questions for recruited athletes, while team captains of intramural sports were able to talk about their experience with athletics on campus.

Since the ASOH follows a two day format, most students stayed overnight with a host in campus housing. Before going to bed, many of the hosts took their students to C-Haus where there were late night snacks, pool and pinball.

On Monday, many Beloit students found visitors in their classrooms. Many admitted students attended several classes to see if any specific departments caught their attention. After any additional tours or lunches, the high schools seniors headed back to their respective states, with their next possible visit being First Year Week.    

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