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What’s next for the Ball family?

LaVar Ball had big plans for his family full of NBA-caliber players, but all that  came to a screeching halt when middle son LiAngelo Ball was arrested with two of his other teammates in Hangzhou, China for stealing a pair of designer sunglasses.

Fortunately for him and the rest of the Ball family, LiAngelo and two of his UCLA teammates were released and able to fly back to California. The three were released with help for President Donald Trump, the U.S. Senate, and the rest of the White House.

China is known for their extremely high conviction rate and harsh punishment for theft, which can result in sentences varying between  days and years in prison. The three freshmen sure were lucky they got themselves out of that one. 

When LiAngelo returned back to Los Angeles, there was much more to face than just the Chinese government. LaVar’s plan of a six year relationship and three seasons, one for each son,  with all the of the Ball family at UCLA was soon coming to an end. These were supposed to be the best of ties for both the Ball and UCLA family.

Knowing that the relationship between the team and family was tarnished, and no playing time in sight for LiAngelo was relevant, LaVar decided to pull LiAngelo from the team on Monday December 4th. LaVar forgot to mention his plan to UCLA head coach Steve Alford and assistants.

Even though LiAngelo is out, LaMelo, the youngeys Ball, is still committed to UCLA. LaMelo is currently ranked seventh in the 2019 prospect list. As of now, the plan is for LaMelo to play for the Bruins, but there have been reports of LaMelo not even wanting to step foot onto campus.

There were already questions of whether or not LaMelo would play for the Bruins after he gave up his amateur status for a contract with Big Baller Brand. LiAngelo wasn’t the only Ball pulled out of school. In early October, LaVar pulled LaMelo out of Chino Hills High School in hopes of making basketball a stronger focus and becoming a homeschool student.

LaVar doesn’t plan on befriending a new NCAA basketball team for the Ball’s to become dynasties at. Instead, LaVar will prepare LiAngelo for the NBA draft. LaMelo could still possibly drop the UCLA offer and have time to be recruited by another team for the 2019 recruitment.

A major thing to consider is that LiAngelo is not on any NBA team’s radar. Although his brother Lonzo was quite the prospect, LiAngelo was only a three-star recruit out of high school and seems to be more focused on other things, like designer sunglasses.

It looks like the Ball family will soon be leaving UCLA all together. For a while, it was a great relationship. The Balls basically kept UCLA alive when it came to NCAA basketball. With the help of Lonzo Ball, Steve Alford was able to keep his job as Bruin’s head coach. As a Bruin, Lonzo led the nation in assists and was kicked No. 2 overall to the Los angeles Lakers, just like dad planned.

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