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One last time

“Though,   in   reviewing   the   incidents   of   my   administration,   I   am   unconscious   of   intentional   error,   I   am   nevertheless   too   sensible   of   my   defects   not   to   think   it   probable   that   I   may   have   committed   many   errors”   (   “Hamilton:   An   American  Musical”)

Greeting   folks,   It’s   been   an   amazing   last   year   as   your   student   government   president.   Last   year   when   I   transferred   to   Beloit   I   had   no   idea   the   whirlwind   that   I   would   get   involved   in   with   BSC.   I   was   inspired   to   run   because   of   issues   I   saw   on   campus   and   the   powerful   stories   I   was   hearing.   In   January,   when   I   started   my   presidency,   I   wasn’t  expecting  to  inherit  a   broken,  unfilled  system.

All   of   my   excitement   was   squashed   when   quorum   wasn’t   met   for   my   first   handful   of   meetings,   and   the   positions   that   were   supposed  to  be  elected  were  vacant.   I’m   not   the   type   of   person   to   give   up,   so   the   remaining   elected   folks   in   student   government,   our   advisors,   and   I   worked   to   come   up   with   a   system   that   would   deliver   the   essentials   that   the   student   body   needed  and  expected.   

I’ve  learned  so  much  from   this   crazy   position.   I   would   never   go   back   in   time   and   change   my   decision   to   run   for   BSC.   The   experience   I’ve   gained   has   helped   me   find  my  direction  in  life  and   decide  to  pursue  my  masters   in   Educational   Leadership   and   Policy   so   that   I   can   be   involved   with   meaningful   change  in  higher  education.   As   students,   we’re   always   going  to  have  to  fight  for  our   voices  to  be  heard  within  the   administration   and   with   the   professors.

I  implore  you  to  use  your   resources   and   always   do   everything   you   can   to   look   out   for   one   another   and   fight   for   what   you   believe   in.   I’m   so   excited   that   the   campus  has  approved  of  the   latest   student   government   system,   and   that   we’ll   move   forward  with  it.  I  truly  think   it   addresses   the   majority   of   concerns   that   I’ve   been   aware   of   for   this   last   year   and   I’m   proud   to   graduate   next  semester  and  leave  this   in  your  trusting  hands.

Warmly,  Willow  Wallis

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