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House Hunters: Rush Season Edition

The concept of Greek life has a lot of stereotypes. TV and movies provide us with images of frat boys chugging beer on their front lawn and sorority girls flipping their blonde hair over perfectly tanned shoulders. But Beloit comes with its own Greek culture, one that typically differs significantly from these images.

Fall rush is in full swing for all the Greek houses on campus. Only second years and older can rush in the fall, so freshmen must wait for the spring session. People who wish to rush a certain organization can attend various events at that house over the several week rush period. Then, some of these people will be offered bids from the organization. It’s technically permissible to offer a bid to someone who did not attend any rush events if the organization feels that person is a good fit. If someone accepts their bid, they are now pledging. Pledging also lasts several weeks, and at the end, pledges are initiated and become active members.

Chloe McKinley’20 is a second year rushing sororities. She claims she decided to rush because of friends she has in Greek life. “I just think it’s a very cool thing to have a community that can support you and it’s not a temporary thing,” said McKinley. “It’s people who you know will always be in this sorority with you.”

Greek life started on Beloit’s campus in the 19th century. Today there are three sororities and three fraternities on campus. Each organization has a house on College Street, which houses members and events. If you’re interested in rushing, below is a few words on each organization from some of their own.

Phi Kappa Psi (Phi Psi)

Phi Psi is a national fraternity. “Phi Psi is a lot of nerds, which is great, but more importantly it’s a bunch of guys who all support and care about  each other,” says member Alec Friedman’20. “I picked Phi Psi because they picked me,” Friedman said of his selection process.

Sigma Chi (Sig)

Sigma Chi is also a national fraternity. “Sigma Chi is what kept me at Beloit for four years,” says Evan Sepulvada’18. “I was able to form unbreakable bonds of brotherhood that will last forever.”

Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE)

Adrian Tomby’20, of the national fraternity TKE, says one of his favorite memories from his time in Greek life is “watching some of the brothers play pranks on one another.” Tomby continued, “I would say I’m most proud of the diversity, but I guess what I’m really proud of is not the organization, but the people who make it up.”

Alpha Sigma Tau (AST)

AST is one of two national sororities on campus. Nata Price’17 rushed multiple sororities but says “honestly I only ever wanted to be and AST.” A favorite activity of the chapter is: “fruit smash! We occasionally save the fruit we don’t eat from Commons and take a baseball bat to it for stress relief. The squirrels are also fans of this game,” Price claims.

Kappa Delta (KD)

Kappa Delta is also a national sorority. Hannah Gutelius’20 rushed all three sororities and says “it was a good decision.” She says “it’s really fantastic to be able to come back to the house and have my sisters supporting me” and claims some of her favorite memories come from spending time in the Kappa Delta house.

Theta Pi Gamma (Theta)

Theta is a local sorority. It is the only Greek house on campus not tied to a national sorority. Grace Glover’18 says she joined Theta because of how involved and compassionate Thetas are. “Everywhere I went there was a Theta in the room or a Theta involved,” says Glover.


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