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Trump’s new budget will not force Mexico to pay for the wall

Since it was first brought up on the campaign trail, President Donald Trump’s border wall has been filled with controversy. Now, with his budget proposal for the next year, the issue is coming back to the forefront.

Originally, the wall was supposed to be paid for by Mexico, but now Donald Trump has allotted $2.6 billion to the wall alone.

This chunk is purely for “tactical infrastructure” and doesn’t take into account the new facilities that will be built to house illegal immigrants, or the agents that will be hired to deport immigrants and patrol the new wall. In total President Trump is proposing a 2.8 billion dollar increase to the Department of Homeland Security’s budget.

Although Trump promised Mexico would pay, Mexico’s President, Enrique Peña Nieto, has said that there is no way that Mexico will pay for the wall. Now President Trump has talked a big game, but it appears he cannot be trusted to keep his promises.

He has said that Mexico will pay us back for the wall, but who really thinks that is going to happen, only Trump.

Where is he getting this money from? Well, agencies within the Department will be facing cuts to make room for the wall. The T.S.A. and the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s state and local grant programs will be facing cuts totaling to around 747 million dollars. According to the New York Times, he will also be reducing the budget for the Coast Guard, however, the budget proposal made no mention of this.

In fact, every department will be facing overall cuts except for the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, and Veteran’s Affairs.

The most drastic cuts appear to be in the EPA, an estimated 3,200 jobs will be cut in that department alone, and programs such as the Clean Power Plan and the USDA Water and Wastewater loan and grant program will be defunded entirely.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, and Americans are not happy.

According to recent polls by Gallup, President Trump is currently boasting a 40 percent approval rating. Historical averages indicate that most presidents, at this stage in their presidency, have a 53 percent approval rating. At this point in their presidencies, Barack Obama had a 62 percent approval rating, while George W. Bush had sported a 58 percent approval rating.

Trump has proposed cuts to policies and departments that many Americans see as important, and with the wall not having support from many Americans, most aren’t willing to accept the blow to their favorite programs.

If support was higher, then there would not be nearly as many Americans who are upset. Also, if there was any evidence which proved the wall would be effective, than maybe there would not be so much push back against it.

As President Trump should be aware of by now, there is a wall which exists already. It spans 650 miles, where Donald Trump’s wall will span 1,000. This means the American people will pay billions of dollars for a 350-mile increase.

Now, when President Bill Clinton amped up security on the border during his presidency, there was little evidence that this decreased border crossings.

What did increase, though, was deaths by illegal immigrants trying to cross. Whereas before the Clinton acts, there could be around 19 deaths a year, the numbers amped up to around 200, and are only increasing today.

President Trump speaks about the problems that illegal immigrants are to the U.S. all the time.

He is right on one count, there should not be nearly as many illegal immigrants from Mexico in this country.

The U.S. should work on implementing policies which will make the immigration process easier and help immigrants to find legal paths to get in this country.

Unfortunately, Trump has other plans.

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