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Charges filed against hate crime hoax suspect, previous false police report revealed

Michael Tyler Kee, who was arrested for allegedly spray painting Islamophobic graffiti on their own door at Beloit College and claiming they were the victim of a hate crime, has been officially charged with three misdemeanor offenses. The official criminal complaint also highlighted a previous false police report filed by Kee two years ago.

According to documents obtained by The Round Table, Kee faces charges of criminal damage to property, disorderly conduct and obstructing an officer. Disorderly conduct is a Class B misdemeanor and, if convicted, Kee could face a fine of up to $1,000, a maximum of 90 days in jail or both. Criminal damage to property and obstructing an officer are both Class A misdemeanor. Each charge carries the potential penalty of a $10,000 fine, up to nine months in jail or both.

Kee is slated to appear in court on March 22.

The criminal complaint states that Kee admitted to detectives that they “placed the swastika and the derogatory term on [their] door because the Jewish students were getting all the attention,” making reference to another hate incident that occurred at Beloit College prior to the alleged hoax. The complaint goes on to say that Kee informed a detective that minority groups at Beloit College vie to be seen as the most oppressed. Kee is quoted as having referred to this as the “oppression olympics.”

The report states that Kee also told police “that faculty at Beloit College and Jewish students at the college would say that the other oppressed groups aren’t important because the Jews have the Holocaust.”

Kee went on to say they believed “that by placing the graffiti onto the wall and the door, it would unify the Beloit College community. Kee stated that [they] also knew that there would be a very strong response and a positive turnout. Kee stated that [they] placed the graffiti on [their] own door because [they] didn’t think anyone would think of [them] doing such a thing to [their] own door and did not think [they would be caught].”

The complaint states that Kee apologized to the police and said that they were “sorry for [their] own stupidity.”

When Kee was driven back to the Beloit College campus, the complaint states that Kee told the detectives that the statements from their interview were fabricated “because the police didn’t believe [Kee’s] true story.” Kee added that they felt they were not “believed because of the prejudice surrounding Muslims.”

The complaint also revealed that Kee “falsely reported an incident” to the Janesville Police Department in August 2015.

According to an additional set of documents obtained by The Round Table, Kee alleged in August 2015, shortly after beginning their time at Beloit College, that they had been kidnapped by a black male. The 911 operator reported to police that the victim claimed to have been walking near Beloit College before being taken by an unknown assailant before being dropped off at a gas station in Janesville, Wis.

Bruce Heine, the Director of Security at Beloit College, confirmed that the college had been notified of Kee’s kidnapping claim when it happened in 2015. Heine said, “When we contacted the 911 center, they told us that the police had made contact with the person and they were not in any danger.”

Responding officers reported that as Kee provided their statement, the officers became “suspicious” and asked Kee for their cell phone. An examination of the phone revealed that Kee had texted another person after meeting through an app, offered to pay for gas in exchange for a ride and went to hang out with that individual.

When confronted by the officers, Kee confirmed that the messages were the truth and that Kee had arranged to be picked up to go to a party with the individual from the text messages. When Kee became uncomfortable at the party, they asked the other individual to take them home. According to Kee, that individual eventually dropped Kee off at the gas station.

However, the police reported that a trace of the phone number for the other individual yielded no information and there was no answer when the number was called. The police officially deemed Kee’s report to be “false.”

The police officers added that they “advised Kee on filing false police reports and the consequences in the future.”

Criminal Complaint – Rock County Circuit Court

False Kidnapping Report – Janesville Police Department:


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