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Trump’s cabinet picks raise eyebrows, concerns

As of this point, President Donald J. Trump’s first 100 days appear to be one blunder after another, and his cabinet appointments only highlight this. Certainly there are some appointments who seem to make sense. However, almost every cabinet pick is surrounded in some kind of controversy.

Perhaps the most recent blunderous pick to come under fire has been Michael Flynn, who resigned after a month in his position as National Security Advisor, for giving “incomplete information” to Vice President Mike Pence and other top White House officials regarding his conversations with Russia, at least that is what official reports would say. Other reasons Flynn was ousted include his views on Islam, among other things.

Also dropping off President Trump’s list is Labor Secretary nominee Andrew Puzder. The fast-food executive could not garner enough Republican support, and withdrew before a defeating vote could be called. Puzder could not gain this support due to his hiring of an undocumented immigrant as his housekeeper and allegations from his ex-wife in 1988 accusing him of physical abuse. The more important question though, was how could a major fast-food executive, who has always been looking to gain as much profit from workers as possible for his entire life, really advocate for workers’ benefits?

The most hypocritical appointment was Steven Mnuchin, a former Goldman Sachs executive, as Treasury Secretary. How can we “drain the swamp” when we are appointing people in positions where they can help their former employers? The answer of course is we can’t. We are trusting the financial future of our country to a hedge fund manager who helped contribute to the housing market crash in 2008, which makes no sense, and he is actually confirmed.

These are just three nominations. Each one seems to be equally terrifying, but they are just the tip of the iceberg. Other confirmations include Betsy DeVos, Tom Price, Rex Tillerson and Jeff Sessions. The views of these nominations are scary enough, but the real problem is why they were nominated in the first place. In Betsy DeVos’s case, it seems that money can actually buy anything, but with others the answer is less clear.

For Jeff Sessions, we must ask ourselves, why would the President of the United States nominate someone who has been linked to some very racist remarks in a top position in our country? Rex Tillerson seems to have been chosen for his business prowess, but these same business ties link him closely to Russia, and his views on climate change leave much to be desired.

This trend of businessmen in power continues with Tom Price, who has come under fire for his trading of medicinal and pharmaceutical stocks. However, even worse than these nominations is  the fact that many have been confirmed in their positions, leaving us to question, how bright is the future of country with these people at the helm?

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