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An open letter from the Beloit College board of trustees regarding recent hate crimes

An Open Letter to the College Community from the Board of Trustees

Recent hateful, threatening writings on campus have tested the community. There is nothing the board can say about those events that has not already been said better by the students, faculty and staff at the College community meeting.

The gathering and subsequent campus meetings, rallies, and reporting in The Round Table also show something else: the heartfelt, resilient spirit in which the Beloit College community has responded to these events. The reaction demonstrates a principled, thoughtful and sustained commitment to a path that embraces differences and promotes equity for all members of the community.

That path is not easy. It is uncomfortable. It is slow. Yet it celebrates, calls upon, and requires the strengths of a diverse community. It is a mindful and deliberate path that can lead to lasting change. It sets an example. In short, it exemplifies the ideals of the College.

Thank you. Your path inspires us, too.

The Board of Trustees of Beloit College


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