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Britney Johnson’20 talks life at Beloit

Therese Lydon/The Round Table

Britney Johnson’20, a native of Dallas, spoke with The Round Table about her life at Beloit, her passions and the Flobots.

The Round Table: How did you start dancing, and fall in love with dance?
Britney Johnson: When I was 4 or 5 I was in a ballet class and they put on hip-hop music. I was also in an advanced jazz class, and because I was light I was literally thrown around, and I loved flying through the air.

RT: What was the weirdest costume you have ever worn?
BJ: In this year’s December dance, I was wearing a wig. The weirdest part actually was the top, it was half-mesh half-velvet.

RT: What activities do you do at Beloit and why?
BJ: I’m a member of Sustained Dialogue, and I joined because Sarah Tweedale came to SELL and told me I should join. I am also a tour guide, because I was [one] in high school as well. I tutor at Beloit Memorial High School, I had good mentors who allowed me to get where I am today and I want to make that sort of difference in someone else’s life. I was also in Intimate Apparel, it was an African-American play and I wanted to be a part of that, and had never done just a play before, only musicals. I’m also a part of the dance department, because I love dance. I work at the Office of Inclusive Living and Learning as an event coordinator because I think a lot of people don’t know a lot of the events that the Office does to promote inclusive living and learning, and I wanted to learn more about that.

RT: What is your favorite throwback jam?
BJ: ‘Handlebars’ by Flobots

RT: What’s your favorite joke?
BJ: Either “Oh my god that’s so punny” or “If you were an apple you’d be a fine-apple.”

RT: What has been your favorite performance at Beloit so far?
BJ: The Slam Poetry contest, because it was about a boy and I slammed him and he was sitting in the front row with the girl, and she had no idea.

RT: What’s your life motto?
BJ: “Fake it till you make it,” or “progress is progress no matter how small.”

RT: What quote from a song accurately describes your life?
BJ: “Boy, I’m not the kind of drum you hit one time.”

RT: Kittens or puppies?
BJ: I’d have to say puppies.

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