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Arrest made in Islamophobic Beloit College hate crime

The City of Beloit Police Department announced today that Michael Kee’19, age 20, had been arrested in connection with a recent Islamophobic hate crime on the Beloit College campus. Kee is accused of obstruction, disorderly conduct and criminal damage.

According to the report, Kee spray painted their own door and wall with a swastika and racial slurs. The Beloit Police say that Kee confessed to the crime, noting how the Beloit College community had come together in the wake of the anti-Semitic hate crimes earlier in the week “and wanted similar attention.”

“The false report by Kee may only serve to delegitimize other victims of these types of egregious offenses,” said the Beloit Police in their report. “However, we believe it is important for our community to know that Kee’s incident does not diminish our resolve going forward with these reported incidents and any other reported crimes of this nature.”

The fabricated incident has been referred to the Rock County district attorney’s office for possible charges, according to Beloit police.

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