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Who the Buc are you?: Swimmer Hannah Devereux’17

Hannah Devereux posing during her time abroad.

This week The Round Table sat down with  swimmer Hannah Devereux’17.

The Round Table: Where is your hometown?
Hannah Devereux: Newport News, Va.

RT: Who’s your inspiration?
HD: I would have to say my mom because she raised me by just being an overall badass and teaching me how to strive to what I want without apology.

RT: Major/minor?
HD: Russian and International Relations with a European studies minor

RT:  What do you want to do after Beloit?
HD: I honestly have no idea what I am going to do after graduation because I’m torn between focusing internationally or domestically. I have a few irons in the fire around the globe.

RT: Favorite event to swim?
HD: My favorite event is the mile, which is 66 laps in the Beloit pool. It’s sadistic and I hate every moment of it until I’m done, and then I want to do it again.

RT: Do you have any swim superstitions?
HD: I won’t ever wear sweatpants on deck during a meet.

RT: Favorite place you’ve swam at? Why?
HD: My all time favorite place I’ve swam in is the Baltic Sea. It wasn’t really swimming because the water was mostly frozen and it was after a sauna, but it was really fun!

RT: If you could ask a single person one question they had to answer, who and what would you ask?
HD: I would ask Amelia Earhart where she at tho.

RT: Would you rather swim against Scotty B or John Winkelmann? Why?
HD: I would rather swim against John Winkelmann because I think he would take it less seriously.

RT: What is one thing not many know about you?
HD: I really really really  dislike people bumping into me when we’re walking together.

RT: Favorite song to sing in the shower?
HD: I subject the team to the whole soundtrack of Les Miserables on the daily in the shower.

RT: Best advice someone gave you?
HD: My best friend once told me “nobody pays attention to you as much as you do to yourself.” I think it’s good advice to keep your confidence up at all times. It’s also helpful when I’m having a bad hair day, which is everyday because of swim.

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