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Buc athletes stick around campus over break

While Beloit was on winter break, enjoying holidays with loved ones and being able to enjoy home cooked meals and clean showers, some Buccaneer athletes were already back on campus preparing for the upcoming sports season.

Basketball, swimming and diving came back to continue their seasons, indoor track and field began their seasons.

MJ Strawbridge ‘19 and Brenden Taylor ‘19 were two of the students who returned to campus on January 4th to train for the track season. To get some insight on what Beloit  campus was like without the rest of the student body, we asked Strawbridge and Taylor about their experiences.

The Round Table: You returned to campus January 4th, was it hard to leave knowing you were coming back to an empty campus?
MS: Yes and no. It was still break even being back at school, so it wasn’t that different, but I definitely missed the home cooked meals and seeing my family.
BT: It was weird coming back because all my friends outside of track were still at home, not having any obligations or practices to worry about, while I was centering my whole day around track.

RT: Was being on campus beneficial to you and your track career?
MS: I was really able to focus on track and put all my effort into it. Besides practices, I had a lot of down time to myself so I was always relaxed. It was better being on campus early because there were no major distractions around like school, so I was able to give it my all until classes started up.
BT: I feel the same way. I think that being on campus with limited outside influences allowed me to practice focusing on myself and learning what I needed to work on to become a better player and teammate.

RT: Besides relaxing and practicing, what were you up to?
MS and BT: We were able to get closer with our teammates. It’s different during classes because we have other friends that might not be in track, so there’s really not a ton of time to spend with the team outside of practices. We would grab food, catch a movie and just hang out. We were all in the same boat being the only ones on campus so it was nice to get closer.

RT: Any advice for helping athletes become comfortable with being on campus without the rest of the Beloit student body?
MS: I would just remind them that they aren’t alone, and it’s really nice not having lines at commons or having to share space with a large amount of people. Bond with your teammates and catch up on Netflix and sleep. It’s still vacation so you’ll still enjoy yourself.
BT: You can still talk to your friends that aren’t on campus, and like MJ said its really nice not having to wait in commons or the showers. Just chill and enjoy not having classes.

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