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Week 9 of fantasy football bogged down by injuries

Jake Quatt/The Round Table

Jake Quatt/The Round Table


Week 8: Loss, 106-129. I can’t even be mad with my team’s performance – 106 points would have beaten any other team in the league last week. But there’s not much you can do when the other team’s QB (Aaron Rodgers) puts up a jaw-dropping 33 points.

Week 9: Ongoing, 67-34. My opponent this week forgot that her starting QB is on a bye week. Hehehe. Speaking of byes, this week is hellish for my team. Four of my nine starters – A.J. Green (WR), Legarrette Blount (RB), Larry Fitzgerald (WR), Stephen Gostowski (K) – are all on bye this week. If I weren’t playing a team with just one win, I would be done for.

Season Record: 6-2

Clutch/Choke Players:

Clutch: Tyrell Williams (WR) – Maybe not the first player you think of when you hear the word “clutch,” but Williams does have a neat 12 fantasy points this week as I’m writing this. I picked him up in a bit of a panic when I found out that I wouldn’t have A.J. Green this week, and so far he hasn’t disappointed.

Choke: Blair Walsh (K) (again) – I try not to repeat myself in this column, but today we have a special exception. Allow me to quote myself verbatim from my Week 1 article: “Blair Walsh is sitting deep on my bench roster. I’m confident that if I play him this season, he’ll burn my team at the worst possible moment.” The ONE WEEK most of my major point scorers are on bye, I’m forced to play Walsh and what do I get? A measly 3 points, thanks to a missed field goal and a missed extra-point kick. I’d say that counts as screwing my team over at the worst time imaginable.

This week’s fantasy recommendations:

Add: Jason Witten (TE) – Came out of nowhere to score 19 fantasy points this weekend with 134 yards and a touchdown. Granted, he was playing against the Cleveland Browns so those numbers are somewhat less impressive.

Here’s the thing about Witten – he’s not the best TE in the league, and you shouldn’t expect him to put up these kinds of numbers every week. He’s also owned in 77% of leagues on ESPN, so picking him up might be tricky. But if you’re the type of fantasy player who values consistency over high risk/high reward players, he’s worth chasing after.

Trade/Bench/Drop: Darren Sproles (RB) – I feel like I’m always tempted to add Sproles to my team every year, but he never really ends up being worth it. He’s an inconsistent choice for a RB spot, although he does have some potential for big games (like when he went off against Pittsburgh in Week 3 with 18 points).

I wouldn’t recommend just dropping him, because you can probably find someone in your league who’s desperate enough for a backup/flex RB to trade for a player that you might need. But I definitely wouldn’t recommend keeping him in a starting roster if you can help it.

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