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Week 8 of fantasy football littered with injuries

Jake Quatt/The Round Table

Jake Quatt/The Round Table


Week 7: Win, 115-81 (and I got to spoil someone’s perfect season, yay!)
Week 8: Ongoing, 93-129. Unless Stefon Diggs somehow has a 40-point day tomorrow, it doesn’t look good for me this week.

Season Record: 6 wins, 1 loss.

Clutch/Choke Players:

Clutch: Stephen Gostowski (K) — finally. After a very mediocre start to the season, Gostowski finally had a decent 13-point night. I’m still going to lose this week, but at least it won’t be quite as embarrassing thanks to him.

Choke: Greg Olsen (TE) – I don’t care if he’s leading the league in fantasy points for tight ends. One point is awful.

Injuries and Suspensions Watch:

Quite a week for head injuries, apparently.

Alex Smith (QB) – Got his head bounced on the ground a couple of times this past weekend, and now apparently has a concussion. Ouch.

Brandon Tate (WR) – Left the game this weekend after a taking a vicious hit to the head. Entered concussion protocol and didn’t come back.

C.J. Fiedorowicz (TE) – Also took a hard hit to the head and went into concussion protocol. He came back and finished out the game, but definitely add a backup TE if he’s your starter just in case.

This week’s fantasy recommendations:

Add: Vernon Davis (TE) — He’s been having a good season on my bench. I might just be salty that Olsen did so badly this week, but I’m seriously considering having Davis start at the TE spot for me next week. He’s pretty widely available, so grab him if he’s not taken in your league.

Trade/Bench/Drop: Saints (D/ST) — I just found out that the Saints defense has only managed to rack up two cumulative fantasy points THIS SEASON. I don’t know why you would still own them at this point if you have literally any other option available, but you should drop them immediately if you do. Even an empty roster spot would be better.

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