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Treacherous fantasy football season nears midway mark

Jake Quatt/The Round Table

Jake Quatt/The Round Table

Week 7:


Since we’ve been gone:

Week 4: Win, 86-57
Week 5: Win, 82-21
Week 6: Loss, 83-84
Week 7: Ongoing

Season Record: 5-1

There go my hopes of a perfect season, I suppose. The most aggravating part of losing by one point was that I had two players who were each just one yard away from scoring another point.

Clutch/Choke Players:

Clutch: Legarrette Blount (RB) – Blount doesn’t get a huge amount of hype, but he’s been having a very solid season and always manages to put up decent numbers. I’ve been relieved by his consistent production for my team, especially since my other starting RB is Matt Forte (more on that further down).

Choke: Carson Wentz (QB) – Whelp, looks like I’ll have to eat my words here. After a strong start, Wentz has only scored 12 fantasy points in his last two games combined. It still might be worth keeping him on your roster as he shakes out some rookie mistakes, but maybe not as a starter.

Injuries and Suspensions Watch:

Ben Roethlisberger (knee) – Big Ben’s knee injury seems to be less serious than initially reported, but he’ll still be sitting out for a couple weeks at least.

LeSean McCoy (hamstring) – This one hurts if you’re a Bills fan. McCoy has been borderline unstoppable this season. His absence will certainly be felt, especially with fellow star Sammy Watkins on injured reserve.

Stefon Diggs (groin injury) – Although Diggs played this weekend, he had an extremely limited role against the Eagles. It remains to be seen whether or not he’ll bounce back by next week.

This week’s fantasy recommendations:

Add: Tyrod Taylor (QB) – Taylor’s style of play reminds me of Cam Newton, in that they both run almost as much as they pass and tend to rack up substantial fantasy numbers as a result. The difference is that Taylor isn’t coming off a concussion and a Super Bowl loss. He doesn’t always post the highest numbers, but has scored double digits every week of the season since week 2. Even better, he’s only owned in 59% of leagues on ESPN, so get him while you can. Even if you have a starting quarterback that you’re comfortable with, Taylor is a great backup option.

Trade/Bench/Drop: Matt Forte (RB) – You might be surprised by this choice, considering that Forte scored 25 fantasy points this weekend. However, his numbers this year have been remarkably inconsistent. He scored more in one game this week than he has in his last four games combined, including an abysmal 1-point performance in Week 6. Since he’s such a well-known player, I recommend trying to trade him for a good deal on a more consistent running back.

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