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First Year on the Street: Nik Bennett

Therese Lydon/The Round Table

Therese Lydon/The Round Table

The Round Table sat down with Nik Bennett from St. Paul, Minn. to discuss Beloit experiences from what it’s like to work at the mailroom to getting tattoos.

The Round Table: So Nik, how was your fall break?
Nik Bennett: I got a tattoo — it’s a bee. I went to Chicago. I went to Madison for a day and toured the campus.

RT: What is your opinion about the amount of prospies this weekend?
NB: I’m a little disappointed because I’m a lunch host and they said “bye, bitch” and cancelled on me.

RT: How do you feel about the weather recently? Yay or nay to the cold?
NB: Yay. I’m from Minnesota, I have thick skin. I’m just mad they turned off the air conditioning ‘cause I am sweating.

RT: How do you feel about the local residents on campus, i.e. the squirrels?
NB: I love squirrels, I love them so much. This one time one threw a nut at me and it felt very vicious.

RT: Where is the best secret study spot you have found so far?
NB: Under my bed.

RT: Since you work at the mailroom, who would you say is your favorite coworker?
NB: Shoutout to my mailroom buddy, Ryan. Fam, you’re cool bro. Love you.

RT: Have you ever seen a particularly weird-shaped package or suspicious-looking letter?
NB:There are some people that get four packages minimum every day, and I’ve talked to other mailroom employees and they say the same.

RT: What is the weirdest encounter you’ve had in the mailroom?
NB: This guy just whispers creepily, “hey how are you? I like your hair, you shouldn’t change it. I have a package.” Then he slid his card across the table very slowly. Then when I brought it back he goes, “Are you a freshman? Do you come here often?” Then I said, “Well I work here.” Then he went, “Oh yeah, only on Wednesdays?” and I just started helping the next person.

RT: Who is the person who has the fullest mailbox currently?
NB: Lydia Carrigan’20, she has a lot of love notes from me.

RT: What is your favorite/coolest tattoo?
NB: I have four and I really like the one on my forearm — it’s all the planets including Pluto and it has the constellation for Aries which is my sign.

RT: If one was aspiring to rise to your aesthetic level, where would you suggest they begin (stores, haircuts, tattoos and piercings)?
NB: Consultation with me.

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