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Senior on the street: Ellie Waddle

Ellie Waddle

Ellie Waddle

The Round Table sat down with Ellie Waddle, an  anthropology major from St. Paul, MN. — Joel Seabury-Kolod

The Round Table: Do you waddle to all of your destinations?

Ellie Waddle: Oh my god, no. I actually bike most places right now.

RT: Are you looking forward to living with your parents for many years once this college thing ends?

EW: No, because when I look forward that’s not what I see. I see possibilities, endless possibilities.

RT: My great aunt Melvip used to bark and whine about the rise in price of the lemon meringue pie at baker’s square. What are your thoughts on Baker’s Square? Do you believe they are a rotten and corrupt institution that aim to steal from sweet and gentle elderly folk?

EW: I DO NOT LIKE BAKER’S SQUARE. Everytime I go there I have terrible, terrible poops. I went once, I never went back. It’s just kind of like Perkins, I never enjoyed Perkins either. It wouldn’t surprise me if they are corrupt.

RT: Are there any totalitarian dictatorships that tickle your fancy?

EW: I’m kind of a fan of Genghis Khan. He was a dictator and a terrible guy, but he just did it so well. He just knew how to do it. There’s some fact about how many children he had, and it’s just ridiculous. So many. He had so many children.

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