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Week 2: Fantasy football leagues hit the ground running

Jake Quatt/The Round Table

Jake Quatt/The Round Table

First, some housekeeping:

I’m still taking submissions for a new fantasy team name for my team! And the winner still gets a free pizza! I had no submissions at all last week. Think about the odds, y’all – if you had sent in any stupid name at all last week, you would have had a 100% chance of getting a free pizza. I know at least four people who said that they read this section of The Round Table last week, so make your voice (and your stomachs) heard!

My current record: 1-0, and projected to win this week as well. Turns out my very bad team isn’t so very bad at all. I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop. Maybe they’ll all get injured just in time for the playoffs.

Last week’s clutch/choke players:

Clutch: A.J. Green (WR). Green had a monstrous game against the Jets, repeatedly burning Darrelle Revis for 24 points. Not bad at all. Side note – seems like Revis is finally getting old. Sucks for the Jets, who are paying him $14 million/year. Anyways, Green is almost certainly taken in every fantasy league, but it’s worth writing about him because he’s on my team and I can brag about it. (Update: he finished with 3 points this week as I’m writing this. Dammit.)

Choke: Kansas City Chiefs (D/ST). Allowed 27 points from the San Diego Chargers. Scored zero fantasy points. This was my starting defense last year. Believe it or not, I benched the Denver D for the Chiefs for week 1. Even though I won last week, I’m still kicking myself.

Injuries and Suspensions Watch:

Robert Griffin III (QB) – Shoulder injury: To be fair, if you knowingly picked a Cleveland Browns quarterback to be your starter, you had this coming. Once again, RG3 is injured, and once again it’s potentially season ending, according to some sources. The man’s probably just duct-taped together under those pads at this point.

Sammy Watkins (WR) – Foot injury: Watkins is still playing, but looks very ginger after his offseason foot surgery. He didn’t finish out the game against the Bills. If he’s a starting WR for you, think about picking up a reliable back-up or engineering some sort of trade just to be safe.

Jimmy Garoppolo (QB) – Shoulder injury: NOOOOO. Jimmy injured his shoulder this week against the Miami Dolphins after putting up an impressive 21 fantasy points. If you took my advice and added Jimmy last week, at least you got one good game out of it. Good thing the Pats are only playing the Texans next week.

This week’s fantasy recommendations:

Add: I haven’t had the chance to watch many games lately because I’ve been busy/at cheese days, so I’m just gonna go with Julius Thomas (TE) who was on my team last year and is always a solid TE option if you’re in need of someone at that position.

Trade/Drop: Todd Gurley (RB) and the Los Angeles Rams have looked awful starting off the season. As I’m writing this, Gurley only has 3 fantasy points at halftime. Do your best to see if you can trick a friend into trading him for a more consistent player.

Have any comments, suggestions or other sage advice? Want to rant about your own crappy team? Let me know at

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