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DK’s line encourages satirical response


Starting at approximately 5 o’clock this past Sunday, the ritual of great grief began once again. Students from all around campus started filing in, the inevitable of the experience weighing them down. Freshmen stood on the edges, dazed and confused. Upperclassmen drudged inward, already hopeless. A few brave souls wore a smile in face of adversity. Firemen and police officers stood outside in case any building capacity rules were broken.

This ritual is, of course, the weekly hell that is the DK’s line for Sunday night dinner.

“I didn’t understand,” said Lillie Herbst’20. “I was supposed to just stand there for hours? Shouldn’t there be a better system than this? I mean, what kind of school closes their main cafeteria on Sunday night? Aren’t we paying for the food?”

What this naive perspective discounts, however, is the unifying and comforting experience the Sunday DK line is. “You know that no matter what happens throughout the week, we’ll all be stuck in that line together at the end of it all– And I think that’s kind of beautiful,” remarked Fiona “Milkman” Milchman ’20.

Milchman was on to something there, the Sunday DK Line is really unifying for Beloit community. During last Sunday’s line, three new friendships were forged, five couples broke up, one couple hooked up, and three monopoly games were finished.

After roughly fifteen hours, each and every student was passed through the line, a few less flex dollars and a lot less patience later. Once they reached the counter, many ended up picking the first thing on the menu they saw. “I was too hungry to know what I wanted,” Sam Funk ’20 said. “When you’re deprived for that long, it doesn’t matter what you put in your body. It’s all the same.” In the end it barely mattered, since half the students fell asleep in their food, but they did it together,” or even, “Half the students fell asleep in their food, but at least they did it together.” Even after this trying time, students line up again next Sunday.

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