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Senior On The Street: CJ Clark

The Round Table sat down with CJ Clark, a double major in Sociology & Critical Identity Studies, and Environmental Studies Minor. The topics discussed ranged from influential professors to weird Wisconsin sightings to words of wisdom for Beloit’s freshman class.


Photo by Andi Donnelly.

The Round Table: What was the hardest adjustment you had to make for your senior year here at Beloit?

CJ Clark: It was an adjustment going from living with a roommate for two years and then going to living alone as an RA.

RT: If you could tell your freshman self anything what would it be?

CC: Do everything and do anything you can. Have a good time and don’t be afraid of talking to people because everyone wants to get to know you, and they are interested in you.

RT: Who is the most influential professor you’ve had?

CC: Jo Ortel was an amazing professor. She was so excited about everything she taught us, she would trip over her words because she was so excited to teach us the next thing. She gives you hope, and she is that teacher that knows so many things and just wants to give that information out.

RT: What’s your favorite spot on campus?

CC: The area before the graffiti wall, there’s a swinging bench and a tree with platform below it. If I had to spend time somewhere that would be where it would be.

RT: Most Wisconsin thing you’ve ever seen?

CC: Middle of the day lounge chair and beer in hand on College street.

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