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Album Review: ‘Mutilator Defeated At Last’ by Oh Sees

PSYCHEDELIC ROCK at its punchiest, most distilled, least over-thought, most punk steamrolled chunder. It’s not like this group has gone unnoticed, and this album is just my favorite of their 26-odd releases, mainly for its summation of their spirit, and for the fantastic mashing walls

“Oh! You Should Check This Out…”

Album Review: “aloha” — Son Little  “Being open to the beauty of accidents is my golden rule.” — Aaron Livingston (Son Little) “aloha” opens with a simple bass line, a verse, and a chorus. It gets to the point, says it, and moves on. “hey

Album of the Week: “Breakfast in America”

An iconic staple in the vinyl collection of any classic rock fan, Supertamp’s “Breakfast In America” is an album that helped pave the way for future generations of rock musicians to experiment with different genres. Released in 1979 as the band’s sixth album, Supertramp used

Album of the Week: ‘The Dutchess” by Fergie

Behold! The album that produced everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure song: “Fergalicious.” Released in 2006, “The Dutchess” was Fergie’s solo debut album. This 13-track album experiments with a plethora of musical genres, and covers an array of themes. While songs like “Fergalicious,” “Clumsy,” and “London Bridge”

Album of the Week: “Zaba” by Glass Animals

How have I not written about Glass Animals yet!? Since 2017, I have been in love with the silky, enticing music of British foursome Glass Animals. This year, the band’s newest release blew up on TikTok, but I want to discuss their first album instead.

Album of the Week: ‘The Book of Mormon”

In honor of the “The Book of Mormon” upcoming Broadway reopening on Nov. 5, I thought it would only be fair to review the soundtrack! This original Broadway cast recording, released in 2011, chronicles the events of the musical “The Book of Mormon,” wherein two

Album of the Week: ‘good kid, m.A.A.d city’

The album I’ve chosen to review this week is by an artist who has been regarded as one of the most influential musicians of all time: Kendrick Lamar. While Lamar had released an album a year prior, it was the 2012 release of ‘good kid,

Lemon Glow

One of my favorite things about Beach House is their album covers. I promise this isn’t a burn; from soft golden tones to graphic patterns, the cover says a lot about the content for this Baltimore band. The art for Lemon Glow, a single released