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Buccaneer Basketball Comes to a Close

If you’ve ever been to Gurnee, Illinois, you know what it’s famous for. If you haven’t, it’s famous for the amusement park Six Flags. I bring this up for the sake of comparison to the Beloit men’s basketball team. They could be compared to the

Buc Seniors Wrap Up Their Careers

Volleyball finished their season 7-18, 1-7 in conference, and eighth of nine in the Midwest Conference. The lone senior Regina Guehlstorf ’22 celebrated the end to her impressive Beloit career. It’s always interesting to see how many freshmen came in and how many stayed all

Men’s Basketball is Back!

9,986,000 jump shots are taken in a basketball season. Can you believe that? No, you can’t because that’s actually the number of minutes Michael Scott worked at Dunder Mifflin. I sat down with a couple of the men’s basketball players and they all told me

Who the Buc are you?

The Round Table got the opportunity to sit down with Brock Bidwell ’24 to find out who the Buc he is!  The Round Table: “Where are you from?”  Bidwell: “Rockford, IL” RT: “What is your major?” Bidwell: “BioChemistry with minor in Health and Society” RT:

Cross Country Conference Meet Results

The cross country teams had their conference meet this past Saturday in Ripon. This was their first postseason meet as they have regionals next weekend. For regionals, the top seven runners from both the men’s and women’s team get to compete.  On the women’s side

Buccaneer Boy and Girl

Anyone can ask Tommy Callahan if doing things on the road are difficult. Whether it be selling brake pads or winning soccer games, it is a tough task. For the men’s and women’s soccer teams this year that has been especially tough. Going a combined

Knox Knox Knoxing on Beloit’s Door

Welcome to the jungle. The jungle being the Midwest conference as last Saturday both our men’s and women’s soccer teams dropped games against Knox College. The Blazing Fox’s were treating our teams like a sweet child of mine. However, don’t cry as there is a

Who the Buc are you?

The Round Table got the opportunity to sit down with Ella Diers’24 to find out who the Buc she is!  RT: Where are you from?  Diers: “Concord, New Hampshire.”  RT: What is your major? Diers: “I am majoring in Media Studies, and I am also