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Review of The Closing of the American Mind

Allan Bloom’s The Closing of the American Mind was published 30 years ago. Bloom, a little-known University of Chicago professor of political theory, found fame as the author of an immediate hit, present on the minds and mouths of students, intellectuals, and the common citizen

DACA: Why was it passed in the first place?

In his May 2, 1801 letter to Hugh White, Thomas Jefferson wrote, “Born in other countries, yet believing you could be happy in this, our laws acknowledge, as they should do, your right to join us in society, conforming…to our established rules.” Jefferson’s words are taken to heart

Fenty Beauty: Rihanna’s new beauty line and inclusivity

On Sept. 8, Rihanna’s new beauty line, Fenty Beauty, was released in Sephora stores nationwide. This impressive makeup line is composed of 40 foundation shades, and those shades are meant to include all skin types. By far, Rihanna has come up with the most inclusive

Beloit College updated alcohol policy: What will it do?

This year Beloit College campus has put its new alcohol “policy” into place. Just to recap, Beloit defines responsible alcohol use as: 1) maintaining control, and drinking no more than one average size drink per hour; 2) not using alcohol as the focus of the

Beloit College students hired by local fire department

Last semester, The Round Table ran an article about a group of college students enrolled in a firefighter recruit academy with the South Beloit Fire Department, just a five-minute car ride away from the college. As of April 3, after six months of classes, practical

The problems with the ‘nuclear option’

On May 6, Neil Gorsuch was sworn in as the newest Supreme Court Justice. The position has been open for just over a year because the Republicans blocked President Barack Obama’s right to appoint a new justice after the death of Justice Scalia. Justice Scalia

Tone deaf Pepsi ad falls flat

With recent political movements garnering huge amounts of public support, companies have been trying to incorporate these movements into their advertising. This usually doesn’t turn out well. Companies have been trying to be progressive and “with-the-times,” but they have a bad habit of reading the

Trump’s sudden transformation to war hawk could sink his cause

Throughout his campaign and even in his controversial inaugural address, President Donald Trump emphasized his commitment to placing “America first.” The historically dubious slogan, believed to be pushed by adviser Stephen Bannon, saw the bombastic former reality TV star assuring the masses that under his