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Why free laundry may actually be harmful to students

At the Townhall Meeting on Monday, February 26, of the many things that were discussed, laundry seemed to be a hot topic. It is no secret that this college has issues with laundry. The campus is littered with machines that are broken and there are

Once again we review a drink at Applebees, Bahama Mama

Once again Applebees has attempted to capitalize on the people’s desire for cheap booze. During February, Applebees offered the Bahama Mama for $1. Like the Dollarita, this drink offered a cheaper version of an old-time favorite. However, this drink was only offered in the classic

C-Haus and accessibility for students to attend campus events

On February 19, Beloit College’s Office of Academic Diversity and Inclusiveness launched a week long campaign, #SunkenPlace, tackling the issue of Racism and White Supremacy, welcoming several professors and students as speakers.  While some events took place in Java Joint, most took place in C-Haus.

Turning Point USA, new platform for Conservative students

Over the course of the last 4 months I have had the wonderful opportunity to get involved with Turning Point USA (TPUSA). TPUSA is a great organization for students who have fiscally Conservative views believing in limited government, lowering taxes, and capitalism curing poverty. The

Wages for overnight hosts: why they may not be fair

Many students do vital work on this campus, but few are paid in accordance with the importance of their work. Take, for example, overnight hosts, students who help convince prospective studentsto attend Beloit College. Each prospective student represents a deal worth tens of thousands of

Justin Timberlake’s Prince tribute: not as good as it seemed?

With the surprise Superbowl win by the underdog Eagles, the commonly talked-about halftime show was relegated to the backseat. For those who didn’t watch, Justin Timberlake sang at this year’s halftime show, and many people are incredibly upset by his performance. More specifically, people are

Confusion ensues on campus as Residential Life moves office

As students returned from break they found a few things changed, mainly, (almost) all the offices in Pearsons had shifted. While the Registrar remained unmoved, Residential Life had been relocated to a variety of locations, all of which were on the residential side of campus.

North and South Korea coming together for Winter olympics

North and South Korea agreed to hold talks at Panmunjom, the site of the 1953 Korean armistice, about the possibility of combining North Korea and South Korea into one olympic team for the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics. After hours of negotiation, the two countries emerged with

Iraqi Jewish archive: from 2003 to now, what’s happened

In May 2003, coalition forces took control of Baghdad. Days later, 16 soldiers stormed Saddam Hussein’s intelligence headquarters. They were searching for clues as to Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction. What they did not expect to find was a flooded basement full of over 2700