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Trump shocks with belligerent words at UN

President Donald Trump visited the United Nations last week at a tense time for the nations of the world. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has recently demonstrated his ability to fire long range ballistic missiles as far as Japan, and has successfully tested high-yield nuclear

Beloit College bids farewell to Conover after 13 years

Beloit College students and faculty bade farewell to Bill Conover in an event on Friday, Sept. 15, the final day of his 13 years of service as the director of the college’s Spiritual Life Program. About a week previously, Dean of Students Christina Klawitter and

Financial miscue leads to rejection of GLBT railroad

The U.S. Surface Transportation Board has rejected Great Lakes Basin Transportation’s proposal to build a 261-mile railroad that would have cut through Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin. The board announced its decision on Wednesday, claiming that the financial information provided by Great Lakes Basin Transportation (GLBT)

Administrator targeted by right-wing blogs, threatening comments

Paul Dionne, the Inclusive Success Coordinator for Beloit College’s Office of Academic Diversity and Inclusiveness, became the target of right-wing blogs and commentators following Dionne’s recent “Love Made Public” lecture. Websites such as The Daily Caller and Right Wing News publicized Dionne’s lecture, entitled “Working

LGBTQ+ activist Sam Brinton brings conversion therapy fight to Beloit

Sam Brinton is an MIT graduate, nuclear energy advisor for President Donald Trump and Congress, and an LGBTQ+ activist leading the battle against conversion therapy. On Thursday, March 16, Beloit College’s Sexuality and Gender Alliance hosted Sam Brinton (who prefers “they/them” pronouns) in Mayer Hall