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Students implement composting system for Beloit Urban Garden

A block north of campus, behind the shed with the graffiti snail at the Beloit Urban Garden (BUG), tiny organisms are busy breaking down organic matter inside wire containers; the campus has started composting again, after years of intermittent attempts. Jennifer Pantelios’18 had been wanting

Emmanuel Baptist hosts third mass incarceration forum

This article was originally published on Sept. 21, 2015. On Saturday, Sept. 19, community members filed into the Emmanuel Baptist Church to hear a number of local leaders address mass incarceration at the forum “A Travesty in Wisconsin,” the third in a series of four

New professor Jean Franzino talks literature, identity

Moving to Beloit was a homecoming for Visiting Assistant Professor of English Jean Franzino. Before attending the University of Michigan and the University of Virginia, she grew up in the Midwest — Michigan and Indiana mostly. She then made the transition to D.C. and Virginia

First Year on the Street: Web Arnold

The Round Table: What is your favorite large water-dwelling mammal and why is it the manatee? Web Arnold: The orca. Nothing’s going to eat an orca, they just eat other things and hang out in pods. Badass animal. RT: What is the first thing you do if

Tuition, student debt pose challenges for students

With the increase in tuition cost and no sign of it going down, the real question is how these colleges plan to meet the financial requirements of all their students. Students are now compelled to cross off top colleges from their list due to lack

Beloiters enjoy food and fun at 2016 Cheese Days

This past weekend, students flocked to the Green County Cheese Days festival, about an hour west of Beloit in Monroe, Wisconsin. The small town is known as the “Swiss Cheese Capital of the U.S.,” and has hosted the festival every two years since 1914. This

The slow and cruel death of music festivals across the United States

The end of summer largely heralds the conclusion to the annual music festival circuit. For several of the hottest months each year, various events scattered around the globe attempt to curate the most exciting musical lineups, avoid horrendously inclement weather and attract the largest crowds.

New professor John McMahon talks coming to Beloit

From the Big Apple to Beloit College, Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science John McMahon has made quite the leap to join campus. However, It is hardly the first major move of his young life. McMahon grew up in Castle Rock, a suburb of Denver,