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A Power Move from The Farewell and Parasite: An Awards Season Recap

Asian representation and the United States media are not in a harmonious relationship. Historically, Asian actors have always been given the stereotypical roles of doctors, engineers, martial arts masters or exotic objects in film or television. That relationship took a turning point when “Crazy Rich

How Beloit students got their crushes

2020 is all about shooting your shot. With Valentine’s Day this past weekend, you might be wondering how so many people got cuffed. The Round Table sat down with students to see how exactly people got with their crushes. From being direct to being utterly

5 Easy Ways to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle on Campus

College is not always the easiest place to reduce your carbon footprint, but with these five easy ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle on campus, anyone can help make a difference.  Use a reusable cup for your daily coffee Washing dishes may seem like the

How to Create a Fun Sleepover in College

TGIF! Your Facebook Messenger is buzzing with all sorts of weekend plans from your friends. Drinking is fun, but you have done that many times and there were always a few people blacking out. Going out is overrated if you and your friends don’t own

The Forgotten Cave of Beloit College

BELOIT, WI– As I walked down the steep steps leading to a closed exhibit in the Logan Museum of Anthropology, fluorescent lights illuminated roughly painted arrows pointing down the stairs. Replications of prehistoric cave paintings lined the walls. I felt the cold, moist air surrounding

Who the Buc Are You?

Senior cross country and long-distance track athlete and photographer Yusuke Hatano’20 from Tokyo, Japan talks with the Round Table.  RT: How long have you been running? YH: About six years. RT: When did you join the cross country and track teams?  YH: I joined cross

Australia Acknowledges Potential Survival of Thylacines

The video footage is haunting. A strange dog-cat-hybrid creature anxiously paces back and forth along the wire cage of its prison in Hobart Zoo, Tasmania (Lutruwita), yawning with its massive jaws. A stiff, black-striped tail sticks out behind it in a straight, boney line; its