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The Good News of 2020: A Listicle

So, 2020 is coming to a quick end, and you’re freaking EXHAUSTED because of whatever the hell last week was. Mentions of this year by the mere name “2020” will probably trigger a fight or flight response 20 years down the line for many of

How to Avoid the Doom Scrolling Time Suck

This year has been. Wild, to say the least. Especially this past week. Between the election’s outcome being unknown for days, the internet blowing up over various unrelated things, and the ever-present backdrop of the pandemic, it’s easy to fall into a pastime that we

The USPS: Some Stuff They Do

            What does the USPS do?             The United States Postal Service delivers the mail. Duh. End of article.             But in all seriousness, that was not the end.             The United States Postal Service does, in fact, deliver the mail. But, the USPS has

Fall Holidays: Way More than Just Halloween

            During the fall time, most Americans–particularly American Christians–may be thinking about Halloween and Thanksgiving as the holidays for fall. For people of many other cultures and religions around the world, however, the fall looks drastically different. This is a snapshot of some of the

Meet Writing Center Tutor: Ian Curry

Esther Veitch sat down with fellow Writing Center tutor and outreach coordinator Ian Curry September 29 over Google Meet. Ian discussed his experience working remotely as a new tutor and navigating the writing process at large.  Esther Veitch: To quote Round Table sports columnists, “who


Have you put that “I voted” sticker on yet? The time has come to cast your vote and because students’ voices are so, so important, we should make sure we have a say in what comes next. Despite some students believing only the Electoral Colleges’

Beloit Succumbs To The City And Removes Black Lives Matter Banners

I’m not angry, I’m just tired of being disappointed by performativity and the bare minimum.  Before sending a formal email to the students, the Beloit College administration decided to remove the Black Lives Matter banners from the bridge that connects the campus to the Powerhouse. 

Mod Scheduling: How Did it Go?

With the first round of finals for this new mod schedule fast approaching, if not already in full effect, the question is, really: how did the mod schedule go for you? Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as we all know by this point, the administration