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What You Should Be For Halloween Based on Your Major

Halloween is coming up in just a few days, causing procrastinators to scramble for a last minute costume. If you put off getting a costume just like you put off writing that discussion post; don’t be boring this Halloween and dress as a cat or

Ranking Star Wars Movies

   The “Star Wars” franchise has made its mark on the movie industry as the second highest grossing movie franchise. One of the biggest debates among “Star Wars” fans is the ranking of them. Here is my ranking of every “Star Wars” movie from best to

If ‘Squid Game’ Took Place at Beloit

Face it: tuition and student loans haunt you. As college students, the inevitable debt that awaits us after graduation is horrifying. Wouldn’t it be a dream if this debt could be paid in its entirety through prize money? By now, tons of Beloiters have seen

What is a Conservatorship

No one saw the abuse. Not until Britney Spears addressed the Los Angeles Superior Courts in July of 2019.  In 2008, international pop-star Britney Spears was placed under the legal conservatorship, or guardianship, of her father, James “Jamie” Spears. She was still going on world

C-Haus Can Be More Than Just a Bar

C-Haus. The campus bar. Closed for Covid, never to be open again. Why? Especially when the Powerhouse is fully functioning, and people are crammed in at lunch and breakfast, not wearing masks because they are eating. Rush events were allowed to happen, along with parties

Cold Cases of Beloit

The world is fascinated by murder. Something about the investigation process, collecting evidence, footage of interrogations, forensic evidence, it lets the public in on something that historically has been unreachable to the average eye. It lets us become a fly on the wall.  I recently

What’s up With the Vending Machines?

We have all seen the new vending machines around campus. They are big, luxurious, sleek. They have wide, glass doors so curious students peeking in can look at all the goodies inside. Now accepting Flex Dollars, these vending machines have the potential to be a

The Good, Bad, and Gray of the 2021 Met Gala

If you’ve glanced at any social media in the last week, you are aware one of fashion’s biggest nights, the Met Gala, was held on Monday evening at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. The event is normally held on the first Monday in May, but

A Day in Downtown Beloit

Last week, I wrote about a day at the Beloit Farmers’ Market in an effort to show Beloit College students what is in the community, just a short walk away. This week, I walked around downtown Beloit and visited some of the local businesses.  I

An Interview With Frank McKearn IV

I had described Frank McKearn IV as an enigma. He seemed mysterious, always roaming around campus and through the Powerhouse, always on a mission to somewhere. I had first noticed McKearn last year, first just through seeing him at the Powerhouse, then as engineer and