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A Review of Season 1 of HBO’s Westworld

Is Westworld a sign of the end of Peak TV? It looks and feels like a great TV show. It has lots of people making cryptic pronouncements on the show’s carefully telegraphed weighty themes, pretty sets which look like they cost a lot of money,

Review: ‘T2 Trainspotting’ might just be the perfect sequel

Trainspotting is my favorite movie. The 1996 cult classic, which tells the tale of a group of Scottish heroin addicts trying to make the perfect score, has become something of a cultural touchstone. Thanks to its innovative direction by Danny Boyle, whip-smart dialogue penned by

Beloit alum plans all-female feature film

In 1896, Alice Guy-Blache directed one of the world’s first ever narrative films, La Fée aux Choux (The Cabbage Fairy). For the next 10 years, it’s guessed by historians that she was probably the only female director in the world. Female representation behind the camera