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The Slap Seen ‘Round the World’ and Other Oscar Oddities

The Oscars are an annual experience during which the best of the film industry get glammed up and brought together to celebrate the achievements of their peers. Viewers also come together, connected by their shared love of film and the anticipation as they excitedly watch

Album Review: ‘Mutilator Defeated At Last’ by Oh Sees

PSYCHEDELIC ROCK at its punchiest, most distilled, least over-thought, most punk steamrolled chunder. It’s not like this group has gone unnoticed, and this album is just my favorite of their 26-odd releases, mainly for its summation of their spirit, and for the fantastic mashing walls

WBCR Spotlight: Stardust Radio Show

 Jemia Irving ‘22, host of WBCR’s “Stardust Radio Show,” sat down with The Round Table to tell all there is to know about her show. Broadcasting Friday nights from 10PM until 11PM, Stardust Radio Show is a talk-radio show with a little music thrown in.

HBO’s “It’s A Sin” Review

  Ever since getting into the Broadway musical “Falsettos,” I have been on the prowl for more media about the AIDS epidemic. To be more specific, I have been searching for honest chronicles of the AIDS epidemic, content with a lot of heart and research. With

“Arthur” Ends After 25 Years

   Feb. 21 marked the end of an era for Generation Z. Marc Brown’s beloved children’s cartoon, “Arthur,” concluded its 25-year run this past week. “Arthur,” a PBS original series, centers around Arthur Read, an anthropomorphic aardvark, and his friends as they navigate the challenges of

Senior Arts Spotlight

For the first Senior Arts Spotlight, The Round Table sat down with Theatre major Isabel Chavez for an interview on Feb. 18. Chavez, who just finished stage managing Chelonia for the final time, was thrilled to share about her experiences with the arts at Beloit.

Ye vs. Skeet

If you are on social media, stay updated on pop culture, or simply don’t live under a rock, I’m sure you have heard news of the whole Kanye West debacle and if you haven’t, stick around to get informed. If you’re a fan of pop

Arts Students Take on Anti-Racism

Beloit College proudly touts anti-racism as one of its central virtues, but what does this mean and what does it look like in practice? Beloit’s art professors have endeavored to pursue these questions in their classes with campus-wide arts and antiracism projects called “Reimaginings.” The

“Oh! You Should Check This Out…”

Album Review: “aloha” — Son Little  “Being open to the beauty of accidents is my golden rule.” — Aaron Livingston (Son Little) “aloha” opens with a simple bass line, a verse, and a chorus. It gets to the point, says it, and moves on. “hey