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An Inside View: BSG Co-President Nayomi Neelangal

The Round Table sat down with one of the current Co-Presidents of Beloit Student Government (BSG), Nayomi Neelangal’22. Neelangal’s year-long term is coming to an end, as the election for the next BSG president closes at midnight, Tuesday night. The new presidents will take over

Toxicity in Video Games

Years of research has shown that video games have, in many ways, influenced players in positive ways like the training of spatial-rotation skills, increased psychological well-being, enhanced problem solving, and an interest in STEM fields. However, in other cases, these advantages are always counteracted with

Incentives of Modernizing Beloit’s Water System

Since 2011, Beloit’s water resources division has worked to replace water transmitters for approximately 15,500 properties in order for the city to monitor water usage, give out readings of water consumption, and identify problems in the overall system. But some residents in Beloit are still

Gun Not Checked Before Fatal Shooting from Alec Baldwin

A week after the unfortunate event that took place on the set of Alec Baldwin’s Western themed film, Rust, new details have emerged on Wednesday during a news conference with Santa Fe County Sheriff Adan Mendoza and District Attorney Mary Carmack-Altwies, According to Mendoza, there

Rise of Covid19 Cases Among Young People in Beloit

According to the latest figures stated by the Beloit Daily News, COVID-19 cases have been surging heavily among young children in Rock County. Data provided by the Rock County Public Health issues that there are 38 new cases identified among individuals from ages 4-13 and

Back at Beloit: A Week in Quarantine

Vaccines are readily available and are being widely adopted across the United States. With students returning to on-campus this Fall, everything is returning to normal. Or so it is. Countless students (both domestic and international students) have had troubles in getting a dose for the

Meet a Student Entrepreneur: Jalen Ponder

As most students at Beloit aspire to become successful with their projects, many unfortunately face setbacks that make it hard for them to achieve their goals. But not for freshman Jalen Ponder’ 25, the Chief Executive Officer of Evendtor, a connection platform for food trucks