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A Recap of the 2021 Oscars

   This past Sunday, April 25 was the 93 Academy Awards which was held under new and unusual circumstances. Nevertheless, it was a night of high honor and talent being presented with the infamous Oscar.     “Another Round” a Danish film, on four high school teachers consuming

Laconic Libations: A Senior Thesis Art Show

 April 30 was the start of Laconic Libations, the senior thesis art show, the opening reception was held at 4:15 outside the Wright Museum with plenty of tasty treats for before and after the viewing. The show presented theses from artists Maria G. Aschenbrener ‘21,

The Marvelous Marvel Series

 It comes as no surprise that the first two marvel series on Disney plus have done exceptionally well. This year has already introduced two of the many planned shows following many other characters in the MCU. The first to be premiered was Wandavision back in

Kiara Davis: 22, Awakening of Self

If you haven’t been to the Gallery ABBA yet, here’s your sign to go now. This past week was the start of Kiara Davis’s ‘21, exhibit named “22, Awakening of Self”. This was a collection of twenty-two dynamic paintings based on Davis’s past with the

Student-Directed One-Acts 2021

The Student-Directed One-Acts premiered the weekend of March 18 and lasted until March 27. If you missed it you could still find it on youtube. Three seniors debut their adapted plays on Youtube premiere for this year’s event. Not being able to use the Kresge

“Minari” Review

The A24 film Minari came out this past year during one of the most difficult times for releasing films. Nevertheless, the film transcends from the screen and touches our hearts as a cherished family film during a rough time we find ourselves and our family


Beloit International Film Festival (BIFF) had just finished its 16th season with many film submissions to view. However, this was their first time making an entirely online festival, which involved streaming films and interaction with filmmakers around the world. BIFF celebrates by bringing films from

Chelonia Screendance Festival

Our greatest performative dance Chelonia just passed on February 26 & 27, in case you missed it, don’t worry all great pieces can be seen virtually. Yes, that’s right, this year Chelonia held its performance on youtube premiering live. With premiering on youtube it gave

Remembering Verne Shaffer

If you have taken a stroll through the campus or even through the riverside park you may have come across sculptures like the one pictured. These sculptures if you look closely were made by the artist Owen V. Shaffer to most he was known as