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What To Watch While Stuck In Your Room

In light of recent events regarding the forced removal of the Black Lives Matter banners from the Powerhouse bridge, and the hate crime on campus, I decided that I wanted to recommend television programs and a film that focus on the issues that Black people

The Reality of Intersectionality

“When there’s no name for a problem, you can’t see a problem, and when you can’t see a problem, you pretty much can’t solve it.” These are the words of Kimberlé Crenshaw, the civil rights advocate who first coined the term “intersectionality.” Crenshaw noticed that

Hate Crime on the Powerhouse Bridge

When the city of Beloit ordered for the removal of Beloit College’s Black Lives Matter banners from the Powerhouse Bridge, students were irate. The city claims that the expression ‘Black Lives Matter’ is political, and that political banners are not permitted to hang from the

What to Watch While Stuck in your Room

F Is For Family This is my personal favorite show, so there was only a matter of time until I included it in my column. If you love adult cartoons, but you aren’t one for basic cutaway gags and toilet humor (cough, cough — Family

Hendricks Resigns from Board of Trustees

On September 28th, 2020, Beloit billionaire Diane Hendricks, as well as three others, resigned from the Beloit College board of trustees. When the statement of resignation was given, no reason for the decision was provided. Even two weeks later, the students of Beloit College are

What To Watch While Stuck In Your Room

Welcome to week three of What To Watch While Stuck In Your Room! This week, I decided to review a sitcom, a drama series, and a comedy film. I really wanted to cover a wide spectrum of TV and film this week, and here is

What To Watch While Stuck In Your Room

If you found last week’s What To Watch While Stuck In Your Room helpful, then you will be pleased to know that The Round Table has decided to make this a weekly column! Every week I will recommend two television shows and one motion picture.

Who the Buc are you?

This week, I sat down with our featured athlete, Amanda Langford, to discuss her softball journey, some fun facts about her, and her experience as a female athlete. Langford is a freshman and plays 1st and 3rd defense for Beloit’s softball team. Softball has been

Returning to Campus in the Midst of a Pandemic

Hooray for a successful — and safe — return to Beloit! We are coming upon our fifth week on campus, and it appears that students and staff are doing an excellent job of maintaining social distancing. When asked about social distancing practices, sophomore student Sarah

What to Watch While Stuck In Your Room

Does the ongoing pandemic have you spending more time in your room than usual? Do you turn on your television or laptop, only to find that you have no clue what to watch next? You’ve already binged all of the shows Netflix recommended you, and