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Mission Statement
The core purpose of The Round Table is to provide a balanced, accurate news source for the Beloit College community. By distributing high-quality news and information, we aim to elevate the discourse on campus.

Standards and Ethics
The Round Table prides itself on producing content of the highest quality and integrity. All stories will be covered with the greatest degree of impartiality possible, resulting in a fair and balanced presentation of the news.

For more detailed information, please read our full guidelines for Standards and Ethics.

Editorial Staff
Alana Schacher, Editor-In-Chief
Grady Spencer, Editor-In-Chief
Autumn Green, News Editor
Luna Schmidt, Features Editor
Logan Eischeid, Sports Editor
Jimmy Velasco, Arts Editor
Mauricio Penn, Op-Ed Editor
Elisabeth Balistreri, Graphics Editor

Staff Writers
Sydney Ortiz
Ella Diers
Jacob Toepfer
James Hicks
Teddy Bahu

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