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I Heard You Got That Water. Splash.

Migos said it best: “Splash.” That’s what happened Saturday afternoon as the Buccaneer’s took on Eureka College in Eureka. Beloit let them have it from deep. Yes, you read that right the Buccaneers found absolute gold from downtown, hitting eight threes in the game compared to Eureka’s five.

Lexy Olson’23 played a big part as she netted 22 points, and matched Eureka on three point makes. Lexy along with Liz Kalk’24, Christy Melton’22, and Hannah Welte’24 were all in double figures in the points total. Kalk, and Melton had a good day on the glass, Kalk hauled in 10 while Melton gathered 13 rebounds.

You could say these Ladies are bad and boujee, as they are now on a two game win streak. Their first time winning consecutive games since 2018. You could say these girls are walking it like they talk. Finally finding a way to win games this year after a 0-3 start.

They have won these last two games without two of their starters scoring more than six points. T’Aira Boyance’23, and Addyson Ciochon’24 both below that mark of six points per game. Both are two of the better players on this team. So how are they getting it done? With some tenacious defense.

Coach Bradley is one of those coaches who isn’t afraid to get on you. Why’s that? Because she expects her teams to be tough. Especially on the defensive end and that is where Beloit has made huge strides. As three of the players already have more than 10 steals this year.
In the 2019 season the Bucs only had four players with more than 20 steals all year. At this pace right now, we have three players who can not only eclipse our steals from that season at the quarter mark, but we may have some players in contention to break records. Our ability to steal the basketball is better than Thomas Crown’s ability to steal anything. And he made a living doing that.

The player with the best shot at it is Hannah Welte. Welte on the year is averaging 3.4 steals a game. 3.4 steals a game seems like such a small number compared to points, and rebounds, but in the game of basketball 3.4 steals is an eye popping stat. The name of the game is possessions, and whoever has more possession gets more shots.

I’d be remiss not to give Liz Kalk a moment under the spotlight. She single-handedly revitalized this program. The ferocity she plays with along with her mentality is something Beloit has not seen in a long time. Her complete game compliments everyone on the team. Her game is reminiscent of a young Logan Eischeid’23, with her ability to shoot, pass, and rebound, and defend all at high levels.

You could even compare her to captain Jack Sparrow running this team. It’s not an ordinary team. They have unique size, and speed advantages, with a plethora of shooters off the bench. However, this team is like the Black Pearl and can get the job done.

Their next game is against the Illinois Institute of Technology at home. This Tuesday pop out and see our Buccaneers play! The bigger the crowd, the better these Buccaneers play. With a win streak on the line, you have to be there!

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