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Run Beloit Run

Cross country runners are unheralded heroes of athletes. Doing two a days at practice, and giving it their all to run. As my high school football coach said “who runs for fun?” Well they do coach, and they’ve done it quite well this season under a new head coach. 

In their last meet the men’s team were led by two underclassmen standous, freshman and a sophomore in Chrstian Bowers’25 and Alexandre Atou’24. Bowers had a time of 34:03, in the meet held in Whitewater, Wisconsin. Atou had a time of 35:38 running against some of the touger runners in the midwest. 

The women’s team had the same meet for the women, but a similar trend as Josie Czuje 25 was the leading runner for the Buccaneers. Her time of 29:37 had her finishing 123 in this huge meet. The Freshman is looking to keep leading the way for the team. The second Buccaneer to finish was senior Margaret Baugh’22. Maggie as she goes by hasn’t let a weird year affect her senior season. Leading the women’s team in most meets. 

In case you were wondering, the men’s team runs 8k. This 8k is the equivalent of about five miles. The men’s team has eight meets this year. I am no mathematician but that’s forty miles in about three months. At first this doesn’t seem too daunting as the average human walks about 30 miles a month. 

Then you have to add on the practices, and walking to class, and everything a typical human does, so does our heroic cross country team. The amount of wear and tear they put on their body is about the same amount as Chuck Noland put on himself in his life. 

The women’s team is right up there with the men running eight meets as well, doing 6ks. This is about four miles, and the quick math is 32 miles. I’m no Alan Turing, but 32 miles on top of the other 30 miles they are doing a month is just insane. 

These athletes put more miles on their legs then I put on my car, and I go home every weekend. This sport looks down upon as one that isn’t really a sport. But the wear and tear on their bodies, and the mental toll of running at least a mile everyday is grueling.

Most of us can barely get out of bed to go get food or even class, while these students are pushing the limits of the human body and mind to run with the B across their chest. Beloit Proud indeed. So if you have any time to see these crazy college students there next home meet is in Beloit Oct 2. Details on the website.

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