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Meet a Student Worker

Editor’s Note: Autumn Green is the news editor for the Round Table and holds a place on the editorial board.

As the outgoing seniors pack up their lives and memories to move forward, our current first years have already begun establishing their identities all over campus. Through a combination of preparedness, diligence, and curiosity, the class of 2024 has become such an integral part of the Beloit community. One such student is Autumn Green‘24. An intended Sociology and Media Studies double major and Critical Identity Studies minor, she’s involved in a slew of clubs and organizations around campus and taking up student worker positions at the Health & Wellness Center and Programming Board as an event programmer and Virtual Ambassador at Admissions. Her interest in getting involved at Beloit College started as early as her campus tour as a prospective student. She mentioned that her tour guide did a fantastic job at selling the college and thought, “I always knew that I would excel in this sort of position since I am very personable and bubbly.” Green hopes to give excellent tours to prospective students and simplify the college decision process and what it means to find a good fit. In discussing her ventures at Beloit College, Green’s Health & Wellness position came about through a close friend who introduced her to Tara Girard. Green expressed interest in working with the Health & Wellness  Center in some capacity, and the minute Beloit College staff posted the application for the position, Tara sent it to her. On the other hand, she never applied for her position on the Programming Board. Instead, she applied to become an Orientation Leader but could not accept the offer last minute because of her existing commitment to being an RA. After that, Mic Brunner kept Green’s enthusiasm and drive in mind and sought her out as a programmer. In recalling her time as a programmer in both positions, she mentioned that her programming jobs allow her to utilize her natural leadership skills. More often than not, Green finds these skills beneficial in class. When put into breakout sessions or group settings, Green tends to take initiative and help the group strive towards finding solutions and cohesive ideas, something she also does at work. Though Green has the opportunity to flex her leadership skills and gain more knowledge of the campus community, her biggest challenge is balancing the responsibilities of all three jobs. Though she has always identified herself as good with time management, there can still be challenges in taking up many responsibilities, especially with the mod system. Attempting to forge your own identity is scary enough in college, but these unprecedented times only ask for more out of our students. For Green and the rest of our first years, “Beloit College: COVID Edition” is all they’ve known. In thinking about her future in college, she hopes that there will be a time soon when it will be safe not to wear masks and worry about social distancing. She recognizes that COVID restrictions have already reshaped one year of her college career, so it would be excellent to have her next three years be relatively normal. As she looks back on her first year, Green wants future incoming freshmen to know that working on campus is nowhere near as scary as it sounds. People do expect you to take up your position with an ounce of maturity. Still, on-campus jobs are relatively low-stakes, and these positions might just become one of the many positive memories to look back on after your time at Beloit College. 

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